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Monday, 26 November 2012

Featured Bigfoot Artist and Featured Bigfoot Portrait

My Friend Alexa Evans had done an exceptionally good porttrait of the local kind of Bigfoot we get in this kind of the country and I put it up on Jeff Meldrum's wall as being an exemplar of the type.

And I mentionedcamong its other spcial fetaures that it showed the Bigeyed effect often reported in this part of the country, the better-filled cranium than what you see in the far-Western Sasquatch, and the fact that it seems to have a definite moustache and a beard. It also bears a resemblance to the "Minnesota Iceman" Facially and in fact it recalls Ivan Sanderson's final summary- reconstruction for Bigfoot in the face (Based in the Iceman in particular)

Best Wishes, Dale D.


  1. Still wondering whether these could just be physical differences due to varied living areas of the country instead of different species. One interesting thing that I thought about is that I have wondered why the great amount of evidence from the West (such as many footprints, handprints, knuckleprints, hair, droppings, ex.) isn't found in the East. I was thinking, perhaps this is due to the Eastern species being a type of human and more intelligent than the Western ape species. Do you think that might make sense? Have a nice day and keep up the great work!

  2. My friend Dave Archer says that this reconstruction is very like the face of the orang pendek he saw on our 209 Sumatra expedition.

  3. I assume you mean 2009. I think we might have a complication here: This type of Bigfoot we have locally leaves a track that is very like that of the Asiatic Almas and this portrait (or ones like it) have also been identified as very much like the Central Asiatic Almas type, especially because of the big eyes. And one of the types of Sumatran Orang Pendek leaves Almas-like tracks (as illustrated by Heuvelmans). Then again on the other hand, the "Skunk Ape" of the swamps and bottomlands in the Eastern USA also leaves a track that is much like the Orang Pendek on occasion (the Handlike type)

  4. I think that it was the more ape-like orang-pendek Dave saw. He said it was very broad and had hair like a mountain gorilla. The human like face dosn't mean it is hominin, orangs utans can have veryy human looking faces. All the tracks we found had the well seperated, ape-like big toe.
    The smaller, more human-like orang-kardill is much rarer. The last sighting i know of was 1981 /2.
    Yes i did mean 2009!

  5. You have every right to your own opinion. However you should be advised that you are speaking of a Cryptid labelled with a generic name that applies both to a more apelike form and a more humanlike one, and then you say the witness identifies its appearance with a drawing that separate witnesses in both Central Asia and the Midwestern USA identify as the more humanlike variant, and it is also identified as the maker of the more human-like tracks in both areas.


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