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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Bald-Headed Hairy Wildmen

In one of my Facebook groups, One member asked about the term "Hairy Man" and I posted a series of historical images much the same as Pearl Prihoda collects. One of them-the first one I reproduced here-showed a creature hairy all over but with a completely bald head. I mentioned that you get that sometimes in reports, but I also thought the shape of the head might be significant. Here I made a comparison with a Neanderthal skull and two older reconstructions; the skull and one of the reconstructions have a peak up on top in back, and the drawing from the 1790s shows a projection at the back of the head (a "Bun") which some Neanderthals had.

BTW, Pearl P sent me a very old story about another different Wild Man that was hairy all over and completely bald on top, originating from the 1100s, after this chart was made up.

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