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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sasquatch: The Encounter

Sasquatch: The Encounter

The Art of Rebekah Sisk

Sasquatch: The Encounter

Sasquatch: The Encounter
Pastel on Paper
12" x 9"
Sasquatch: The Encounter by Rebekah Sisk Pastel ~ 12" x 9"
This painting was featured on the CBS Sunday Morning News program which aired Nov. 11, 2012. You can view the video and see the painting here:

This painting was also discussed in the Bigfoot Field Reporter. You can read about the Executive Producer of the Lord of the Rings, Mark Ordesky, who purchased this painting: He is currently filming a bigfoot movie titled "Exists" with Eduardo Sanchez, director of the Blair Witch.

Limited Edition prints of this piece, "Sasquatch: The Encounter" are available by clicking the button below:

As on other occasions I endorse and promote portraits of Bigfoot which I think are authentic and close to what the originals probably looked like (Based on my prior experience with what the witnesses say). This portrait falls into that category. 
--Best Wishes, Dale D.

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