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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tale of Two Bigfoot Busts

Alexa Evans just posted this photo of a Bigfoot head reconstruction that she had created on Facebook (above) and within minutes a reply was sent in by Jefferey Gonzalez: "News!!!!!!!!!!!! This is about the size of the head of Bigfoot that left the impression on my driver side window of my truck. " Which I assume is good independant confirmation of the accuracy of the model

When Alex had sent in her reconstruction I said immediately that I should put it on my blog together with the similar reconstruction of the Sasquatch (immediately above), primarily from the West Coast evidence and particularly referencing the head shown in the Patterson/Gimlin film. While the two models are not directl comparable (One is a male and the other is a female, and the scale is not quite the same in both photos) we can see pretty easily that the Eastern Bigfoot type is a "Big Cave Man" ewith a large head and large facial features; while the Sasquatch of the Pacific coast area is a physically larger creature, but with a smaller head (both relatively and absolutely measured)
 So I said "Put the two together and people should see immediately there are two different things"

This is another demonstration I did earlier, shown below: this sample of Bigfoot heads from different illustrations that has been going around the internet for a while. In this cae I have re-sorted them. The ones on top have noticeably more pointed heads, smaller proportionate cranial capacities, a more apish look overall and shoulder muscles that seem to flow right into the base of the skull without much of a neck. The ones below tend to have lower and rounder heads with proportionately larger braincases and faces with bigger features, and somewhat more in the way of having necks. On the negative side, a couple of them have much too short of a nose and much too long of an upper lip, which would be the artist's fault. People often describe the second series creatures as looking like "Cavemen" and the last one on this chart bears a striking similarity to the comic strip character Alley Oop.

Best Wishes, Dale D.

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