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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Bigfoot in Spain?

Bigfoot in Spain?

Friday, August 3, 2012

[Basajaun is something we have talked about on this blog before and this photo is something we have mentioned on this blog before. However since the matter came up on Bigfoot Evidence once again, I thougth it was worth circulating the new posting-DD]

Editor's Note: This is a post by Bigfoot Evidence intern Melloney TheEriduserpent. She lives in southern Spain and her various interests are herpetology, mythology, and ufology. Basically, everything supernatural.

For hundreds of years in Northern Spain there has been tales told about the Wild men of the woods, the Basajaun, the King of the woods. Unfortunately there hasn't been a lot of photos or evidence found, in fact information is very thin on the ground and so are the face to face witness reports. Old people of mountain villages talk about seeing them, hunters tell tales of how they saw something resembling a beast like man running through the trees. But so far that is all they are, simply tales because not many people want to tell their story in a public forum.

Stories and reports of sightings span a wide area all along the boarder of the Pyrenees and also in areas such as País Vasco, The Basque country, Asturias, Aragón, Castilla y León etc. This is a very expansive area and the sightings were normally in the mountains and the forests of the national parks. Unlike America the internet here is just starting to be used so research is quite hard, Spain's only just got the hang of using the net for more than advertising, it is very difficult to find any information on the subject of Basajuan other than in the historical legend pages.

My own opinion from the research I have been able to do is that if anything exists it will probably be related to the early Basque man. They were the first to populate Europe and survived the ice age, the people in the area still share many of their physical attributes such as the strength, their large ears, long ear lobes, wide faces and stocky bodies. Many prehistoric settlements have been found in Northern Spain, many Neanderthal bones and the oldest known cave art. The area of Northern Spain is full of scientific and historic evidence.

As I have said not a lot of photographic proof exists, the photo above was taken in 2011 by a young girl using her mobile phone, while out hiking in El lugar, Artikutza with her family. Many say it is a man in hunting clothes, others say it is something more... what do you think?

Footprint attributed to Basajaun, Pyrennes Mountains. This is just the forepart of the foot
Traditionally the footprint of a Basajaun is said to be much like a Neanderthal's foot, being very broad and square.

Basajaun as a "Cave Man"

Male and Female Basajaun as "Forest Giants"

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