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Thursday, 16 August 2012

South American Bigfoot and Patagonian Giants

From Pearl Prihoda on Facebook:

And after I had added that one, I replied:
"Yes I saw that one before, very Bigfoot-y. I think I looked it over and finally decided it was like a Neanderthal, partly because of the big hands" This one is from Colombia, at the Northern end of South America, I think.
The Neanderthals actually did have rather outsized hands and feet for their size:

And then I was sent this independantly also on Facebook:

Check out this little article about the "Patagonian Giants", written about by both Ferdinand Magellan and Captain Cooke in their log books; Cooke claims to have captured a 9-foot specimen who burst free of his ropes and jumped overboard. Oddly, Patagonia was known as "Land of the Bigfoots" for a spell, there.

Patagonian Giants  [link]
And I added as a reply:
There is an Abominable Snowman that leaves tracks up in the Andes and is well known for doing that: I have written about it on my blog before. But I tend to think the Patagonian Bigfoots are the same as our Eastern (North American) Bigfoots anyway. Some of the older accounts illustrate them as larger versions of European hairy Wild Men (Salvajes is the Spanish term, also used in South America). Oddly enough, that makes them possibly the same as the Basajaun.


  1. The gold 'Bigfoot' reminds me somewhat of the Marvel Comics character Sasquatch circa the Eighties [?].

    The huge seemingly slightly frilled hands and feet're very suggestive.

    [Well it is called Bigfoot].

    The apparent boobs and pecker combination makes me wonder if it's some sort of specific hermaphroditic deity maybe even the god of the Sasquatch themselves (as Hanuman's the god of the monkeys).

    But what're those objects which make up the necklace itself? Individual vertabrae?

    And if so are they meant to be human vertabrae or Sasquatch?

  2. A lot of people look at what are supposed to be representations of pectoral muscles and think they are femnale boobs, even in cartioons of gorillas. However there is a common theme of hermaphroditism in hominid creatures common throught South American Folklore: some people criticise stories of the deLoys Ape for the fact that the theme turns up there, but the theme is everywhere in South America. You also get stories of bearded dwarfs that somehow at the same tiome have beautiful facial features suggestive of a woman, and so on. All that can be said onthat score is that it's Folklore, its consistently alleged-and there's no reason to believe it must be true from just that much.

    I hadn't thought the "beads" might be meant for vertebrae but now that you mention it, they might be meant to-but they're not realistic vertebrae, the'yre representational. The discs would be wisted 90 degrees out of their true alignment. Given that situation, it might be pretty much hopeless to try and figure out what kind of vertebrae would be actually intended.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.


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