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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bigfoot With Baby Seen In Florida’s Ocala National Forest

Bigfoot With Baby Seen In Florida’s Ocala National Forest

Friday, August 24, 2012 7:48
EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a condensed version of a man’s encounter with a Bigfoot and its baby in the Ocala National Forest in Florida on January 15, 2012. You can read the entire lengthy report (case #34954) at the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization’s website ( We are using the pseudonym “Doug” for the witness.
One of the sandy roads in the Ocala National Forest – The Bigfoot sighting
was about a mile north of the red star on map.

The witness, “Doug,” is an executive for a large multinational corporation based in Orlando, Florida who oversees approximately 1,000 employees. To decompress from work stress, he often heads to the wilder parts of Florida on the weekends to hike or canoe.
On Sunday, January 15, 2012, he drove deep into the Ocala National Forest north of Highway 42 and west of Deland, Florida and the St. John’s River. Ultimately his car got impossibly stuck in soft sand. Calls for help were useless, so he began digging away the sand around his tires with his bare hands. After digging for a while, he stood up to stretch his back. That’s when his saga began.
“When I stood up, a rock pelted me and a shooting pain went through the inside of my left thigh near the groin area, which caused me to jump back and yelp in pain,” he later reported.
“I immediately looked toward the forest on the other side of the road from where the rock came, and perceived movement in the bushes. At this point, I did not see the creature, but did see movement in the branches and leaves of the shrubs, grasses and saw palmetto. The movement was enough to convince me that someone or something was there, and that it—whatever it was—was the source of the rock. . . .
“The sound that I heard was the sound of leaves and sticks being crushed on the ground, as if someone took one step and then stopped. The sound appeared to come from about 15 feet in the woods behind me.”
The next sound Doug said was “similar to what you might hear from a feral cat that is being cornered, only much, much louder and deeper. It then started to alternate between a hiss and a vocalization that sounded like haaaaawwwww. So the sound it was making was a protracted hhhiiiiiissssssssssssssss, haaaaawwwwwww, hhhiiiiissssssssssssssss, haaaaawwwwwwww, with an intermittent deeper gurgling sound interspersed throughout.”
At that point, fear overtook Doug and he jumped in his car and locked the doors. Through the windows he saw the creature about 15 feet into the woods as it rose up from a prostrate position behind saw palmettos.
“I would estimate that the creature was about eight feet tall. It was extremely bulky across the bust, with very muscular arms, and I have no doubt that it could have easily busted out the windows and ripped me to shreds if it so desired. . . .
“I also observed what would commonly be described as a “love-handle” around the side of the belly area and back. The creature’s hair was black and gray in color and was slicked down against the lighter skin, which could be seen in some places through what appeared to be wet hair. The hair was very thick on the arms and shoulders but less so around the side, belly and back areas. . . .
“The face of the creature was a dark grey color, with very large dark eyes. It had a very large mouth with extremely large, fat lips. The nose was human-like, with one exception, which was large, slightly flared nostrils. The nose did not protrude off its face in proportion to a human’s, but was flatter and more sunken. The creature looked like an ape, but with facial features—especially the nasal area—that were very similar to those of humans.”

Description of little Bigfoot
“About one minute after disappearing into the tree line, the creature reemerged, this time walking completely upright on two legs, just like a human. It paused at the tree line for a second, and then took one huge step back across the road.
“The creature, to my shock and horror, was carrying along a “child” of the same creature. It had both arms of the smaller creature grasped in its right hand, and was dangling the juvenile along by its side, with the legs of the smaller creature almost touching the ground.
“The smaller creature appeared to be completely limp from the neck down, but its eyes were open and it was moving its head and looking toward the trees to which it was being carried. After crossing the road, the creature paused at the tree line on the opposite side of the road, lifted the juvenile up onto its hip, and continued into the scrub.
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Mother and Child portrait by Thomas Finley
Original art by Bigfoot Portrait Specialist artist
Made for the upcoming Honobia Bigfoot Conference

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