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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Another Bigfoot Comparison

Last Friday or so, there was a posting on one of my Facebook groups reprinting the picture above anthe notice that "The one in the middle was the one that I saw" in Ohio, and this was joined by a similar statement from another member. I thought this was interesting because I had seen the chart before and discussed it then (I said I could not tell what distinction was meant to be shown between the two figures on the left)ther different member of the other group said that the middle one was the one THEY had seen, but in Texas. Sird witness had said that, I took a strong second look at the illustration, and I made the paste-up below:
This pasteup compared the middle "Gigantopithecus" to the Iceman as represented by Bernard Heuvelmans, and it became apparent that a Gigantopithecus was not represented at all. The two recocnstructions had any number of similarities and the "Gigantopithecus" was far too human-like, especially its head and face. Between the two the browridge, height of the face as proportion to the full height, and form of the mouth were all close, and the noses are actually identical although the drawing styles tend to make that less obvious. The proportionate lengths of the arms and legs, and the shape of the hands and feet, werthe two, but more specifically both had the same oddly thickened forearms and thick wrists and ankles. I'm willing to call that Neanderthaloid from the comparison.

The overall effect is also much like the individual creature known as Mecheny and reported n Siberia. Harry Trumbore has a different drawing of this but I prefer the original art shown here

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