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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Tracing Monsters, Cryptozoology 1987

From CRYPTOZOOLOGY Magazine from the Editor. Submitted by Scott Mardis.


  1. Dick Raynor says that the object isn't bigger than a samll log,and he argued that with Paul Le Blond.A raw debate about the Mansi photo.

    1. I have heard that remark from other sources, Benjamin Radford also thinks the object in the Mansi photo is only an uprooted stump bobbing up and down with the waves. The idea is not original with Dick Raynor, Dick Raynor likes to grab credit where it isn't due to him and he likes posting to other blogs under assumed alternate names in hopes of getting his dreary arguments unwarranted publicity. In any event, the letter to CRYPTOZOOLOGY states the opposite point of wview that the objects in both photos are similar yo one another and they calculate out as being much larger than persons such as Mr Radford and Mr Raynor would assume. Nor yet have Mr Radford nor Mr Raynor adduced mathematical proofs as to the scales of the photos, which is one of he points under discussion in this quote from CRYPTOZOOLOGY. And if Raynor argued the statement with LeBlond, he did so without anything substantial to back up his claim for that very reason. Merely having argued with LeBlond means nothing as far as evidence goes.

    2. Ok,Dale,greetings.I'm the owner of Lake Monsters in Facebook.I want to make the most complete Facebook lake monsters fan page,with the highest amount of evidence,just lake creatures and sea serpents.

  2. Glad to know who you are, of course I have talked to you on your Facebook page without knowing your name. Just so you'd know, I've been doing deep study and statistical analyses of Lake Monster and Sea Serpent reports for going on the past 40 years now, starting when I was a teenager. I reviewed Ivan Sanderson's archives extensively just after he died and before the SITU was ousted from its original headquarters. I have done extensive background work in Zoology, Paleontology, Anatomy and Art, and even some useful sidelines such as mapmaking. From what I see, you focus on photographs a lot. I have seen several of your photos that I'd like to run on this blog and comment on them if I may. I have already run a couple of the ones we had discussed on your page recently, including the Brosnie one, and I did not have all of the details then. So I shall have to be doing an update on those.

  3. Ok,thank you very much.I'm working on my old VHS recordings of old TV documentaries to get at least some frames.As I was telling you,there are the photographs of the US Navy of Pressie,an amateur footage,the section on Brosnie and the story of an old woman,and I will try to find a couple of seconds of a giant eel on the surface of Loch Ness which belongs to french documentary.I don't know which of them are hoaxes and which are not,I will try to include everything.And of course,as I am from Argentina,I will try to give as much details as I can about patagonian lake monsters.There are many lakes here with legends of monsters...Huechulafquen,Mascardi,Nahuel Huapi,Gutierrez and many more.


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