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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Matamatas and Loch Ness Monsters

More Loch Ness Monster Comparisons Submitted by Scott Mardis

Comparing the weird horns and tubercles of the Mata Mata turtle with alleged images and descriptions of horned Loch Ness monsters. The drawing on the second row far left is from Burton's book and is an artist's conception (non-authoritative) of Patrick Grant's 1938 sighting made as part of the Sir Edward Mountain's expedition, one of his paid watchers. And my drawing included on the right middle line includes Greta Finlay's sketch but it is rather compressed and not to scale with the figures in her report.

"Gargoyle Head" from underwater photo of the Loch Ness Monster, Henodus (Turtlelike Plesiosaur relative) at lower left, and Matamata turtle at lower right
Scott Mardis can be reached at:

As usual, I am merely acting as a vehicle for Scott's publication on this blog and I do not necessarily endorse nor even necessarily agree with his statements.

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