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Monday, 9 September 2013

Followup to "Megalotaria Longicollis"

I made up some more illustrations for Megalotaria after I had published the last blog entry
  I have settled on the idea that the female had something like the common seal colouration, being a greyish brown with scattered darker spots, and the male was more of a reddish brown with muted streaks of other lighter colours showing in the fur" the male has longer and coarser hair overall, but it seems the female also has a hairier neck. The mane in these animals is indicated to be lionlike, or generally all around the neck like a ruff, rather than horselike with just the stripe down the spine.
BTW this was another recent posting where I was attempting to make an earlier reconstruction of the type. I did have about the same body plan for the males and females, assuming the 1918 Hoy SS was female and the male should have a much thicker neck..
Here are two comparisons of the Hoy SS with a typical "Loch Ness Monster" Longneck, the one above with average size overall (Typical estimated adult females) and below is matching up the proportions going by the maximum width (And not going by comparative size). The Hoy SS's neck still comes out as being about half the length of the Longneck's neck by proportion.
And here is our reference chart to the other pinnipeds.The  Hoy SS type (Megalotaria) is about the bulk of a walrus, maximum sizeabout as much as an elephant seal, whereas the Longneck's body is about the same size as the elephant seal's but adding an elongated neck and tail onto that base.

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