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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

North American Water Monster Maps

I had mentioned before that I had done the whole series of Freshwater Monster maps for a proposed book to be published by the CFZ that never got finished. Part of the problem was that most of the categories were pretty mundane and not at all monstrous. Here are the maps over again, less the Longnecks map that was just updated and published separately.


02+Tlanusi,+The+Giant+Leech (=Lamprey)

03, Mysterious sharks and rays, withdrawn pending separate update)



07+Catfishes+and+Kenai Taimen

08_Giant+Eels (Caribbean morays & others poorly represented & dubious)

09+Giant+Salamanders+&+Pinkies,+11_Aztec Rain Worms (Amphiumas)

10_Improbable+Giant+Frogs ( NOW Freshwater Monkeys / Kappas)

(12, Great Snakes=Chad Arment's "Boss Snakes" map)

(13, Possible Mosasaurs, pulled for updating)



17+&+18_Giant Otters (Black),+Giant Beavers (Grey Squares)


21_+Seals+ 1, 2 and Seal 3


23 Water Horses (moosemap)

(24, Longnecks and Loch Ness Monsters, Plesiosaur-shaped creatures, updated)
(Posted separately last time)
Snapping Turtle Mistaken for Water Monster, Muskrat Lake MN

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