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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Scott Mardis pdfs: A Timeline of Plesiosur Research

This is not everything and the bulk og the earlier research has been left off. Nonetheless with just this much we can see opinions about Plesiosaurs have been controversial for a long time and opinions are regularly intriooduced which flatly contradict all earlier trends in thinkingh. There is lttle agreement over diet, manner of swimming, use of limbs, method of hunting, diving ability and what depth of water was frequented, speed, neck flexibility and even flexibility in the trunk region and the currently prevailing trends in thought are all too often only briefly held by many scientists. With this sort of perspective, it is hard to see why some modern experts will continually make dogmatic statements as if they are quoting the majority opinion about Plersiosaurs. Basically there is not a consensus of opinion nor has there been a good consensus for some time now-DD.

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