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Friday, 3 May 2013

Naked Apes, Dogs, Cats and Rats

People continue to ask me, if Bigfoot is hairy all over, how can it possibly be the same species as us? When I suggest the idea that Neanderthalers (and Heidelbergers) are probably the origin of some of the sightings and they are probably both A) hairy all over and B) the same species as us (varieties of Homo sapiens)

Here we have naked skinned, hairless variations of thec domestic dog and cat, and the lab rat, all of which are the same species as the more familiar fully haired species. Apparently it is a relatively simple mutation which turns the expression of a fully haired coat on or off and it does not affect the health or the well-being of the animal in any other way, besides the obvious fact that the animal is now exposed and vulnerable to the elements. And so it is with our own species. Evidently at one point about a million years ago, ancestors of our species went out of Africa and colonised much of the rerst of the world (evcentually). These were an odinary animal species, fully haired all over, except the brain was unusually developed and the creature was a habitual biped. Some hundreds of thousands of years later, a tropical phase of this species lost the hairy coat and then this new hairless kind went out of Africa to colonise the world. They prevailed while the older (archaic) hairy types went into  decline and finally went into hiding as refugees i the wilderness areas.

There are still some reasons to think we are the same species. Neanderthals were thought to have freely interbred with the normal H.sapiens, and the Almas woman Zana did likewise, which is one of the reasons to consider that the Almas types are relict Neanderthalers.

And there are still some of us that are perectly normal H.sapiens but just hairier than most of the rest of us. Having a hairy body alone is not good enough reason to say something is NOT a member of our species. And in mammals generally having more or less body hair is a trivial difference.

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