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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Lake Champlain Sightings Profiles

Some different views of "Champ" from different sources. The video still above ios the same as the  first one on the diagram below, the head seems to change shape. It seems to be a swimming quadruped with only a modest length of neck and it is assumed to be a deer with antlers that present a different aspect from different angles. Its resolution is too poor to make it out any better.

There are a couple of different phenomena at Lake Champlain that have fed into the Legend of Champ. Of far more interest to us are the sightings which allege it has a Plesiosaurian shape, with or without humps on the back. Below is an assortment of creatures depicted in different sightings in profile, as variations on the Plesiosaurian category.

Drawing of a recent sighting of "Champ" from a Kayak
As produced by Facebook Friend Thomas Finley as part of a package promoting a field trip to Lake Champlain (Via Scott Mardis, who also hopes to go). it is a good match for the second-from-the-last profile on the chart above, but that one is a different sighting taken from a different source.

                   Video purporting to show "Champ": could be a swimming beaver.
                   More distinctive Plesiosaur type sighting below:

Purported "Champ" looking very much like Peter O'Conner's 1960 photo of "Nessie"
(By way of Scott Mardis)
Here is my earlier attempt to characterise the Champ sightings as done for a CFZ article. The impression I had was that several of the witnesses used the old Sinclair Oil Dinosaur as a point of reference and so I simply cut a section off of the Sinclair Dinosaur and added the dimensions (The shape of the head was wrong on this reconstruction but nobody knew about that part until more recently) The comparison of Lake Monsters to the Sinclair Dinosaur has also been stated in Lake Superior and in the state of Michigan, but I am rather more dubious of those claims.

Champ Sightings List

Please give the files time to open some of the pdfs have many pages
and it may take a few seconds for them to appear.
[Joe Zarzynski 1988] [Gary Mangiacopra 2007Pt.1] [Gary Mangiacopra 2007 Pt.2]

[Unfortunately the links have expired but I believe they are still at the Not Only Nessie site,]

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