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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Chinese Wildman from Big Trouble In Little China
This item went up for sale in Ebay recently, a model for the Chinese Wildman as it appearews in the movie Big Trouble in Little China. Although it is sensatonalised and the nails are much longer than they would probably grow in the wild, it's pretty easy to make out that the original creature would have been a sort of orangutan. Although most of the things in the movie were presented in outlandish fashion, this does represent an authentic Chinese tradition.

Below is the relevant section of George Eberhart's Mysterious creatures although the entries on Ren-Xiong, Yeti and Yeren probably overlap with it. At least one Chinese man who was on an expedition to track down the Himalayan Yeti in the 1950s referred to it as a "Xing-Xing"
Here are some other relevant entries, all apparently describing the same os a similar species
 (Again, without including ant reference to the better-known Yeti and Yeren)

 [The entry includes a misleading error: "Beruang" is a common name for the sun bear. "Beruang Rambai" is a recognised name for a male orangutan. This would probably be the equivalent to the "Orang Gadang" on Sumatra, although that is a confusing and disputed form.]

[For "Baboon", read "Stump-tailed Macaque"]


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