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Friday, 31 May 2013

Robert Lindsay - Why No Bigfoot Bones and Bodies?

This is a blog posting by Robert Lindsay and we have brought attention to it before. The matter just came up again this morning in connection to the Rick Dyer "Bigfoot in a box hoaxes: somebody had said that NO Bigfoot bodies had ever been recovered and so the story was impossible. So I thought I should rerun the conclusions to refresh some memories.

Why No Bigfoot Bones and Bodies?

by | May 4, 2011 · 3:58 AM
[Read the full lists on the original blog]


(1) From 1949-present, a 62 year period, 14 Bigfoot burials or possible Bigfoot graveyards have been seen. Therefore, Bigfoot burials or graveyards are seen every 4.4 years, about once every 4 1/2 years.

(2) From 1825-present, a 186 year period, 92 Bigfoots have either been killed by humans, had their dead bodies or parts found by humans, or got taken into human custody. Therefore, humans kill or take into custody Bigfoots or their bodies once every 2.1 years or about once every 2 years.

(3) Between 1858-present, over a 153 year period, 30 possible Bigfoot bones, skulls, skeletons or teeth have been found. So Bigfoot bones are found about once every 5.1 years in the modern era, about once every 5 years.

Government Coverup

For the past 43 years, there appears to be a government coverup about Bigfoots. Over a 43 year period, there were 16 cases of government coverup of Bigfoot evidence. That is one coverup case every 2.7 years, about one incident every 3 years. Before 1968, there were no government coverup cases.
The evidence suggests therefore that there may be a government coverup dating from 1968. In particular, government officials have been taking Bigfoot bodies away, never to be seen again. The government appears to be involved at various levels, including the National Guard, the Army Corps of Engineers, state police, the FBI and the US military.

Grand Conclusion

From 1825-present, a 186 year period, 127 possible Bigfoot bones, bodies, body parts, burials, graveyards and Bigfoots have been captured or killed. Such hard evidence for Bigfoot occurs once every 1.4 years, or once every 1 1/2 years. Obviously, in the future, we will continue to find dead Bigfoots, Bigfoot bones/remains and Bigfoot burials/graveyards. We will continue to capture and kill Bigfoots.
With the increasing media publicity about Bigfoots, the possibility that these remains end up in the proper hands and are not sent to the university lost and found bin or confiscated by the state as part of a coverup increases.

Recommendations For Those Encountering Hard Bigfoot Evidence

As noted above, there seems to be a government conspiracy to coverup  Bigfoot existence dating back 31 years. Therefore, the state is not to be trusted one bit with Bigfoot evidence. Universities have a nasty habit of losing Bigfoot hard evidence, so we should not automatically turn evidence over to them.
Next time someone comes across a dead Bigfoot, they ought to call someone other than the authorities. I would recommend calling Bigfoot researchers or possibly the media. With the media on the scene taking pictures of the body, it will be hard for the state to seal the area off and steal the body again. At the very least, take pictures or movies of the body before the state can whisk it away.
If a Bigfoot burial is witnessed, notify Bigfoot researchers so they can excavate the gravesite. Try to take photos or movies of the burial. Possible Bigfoot graveyards should be excavated. Bodies, parts, bones, etc. should be turned over to Bigfoot researchers and not the state. Let the state conduct an armed raid to get them back.

[And in the comments following, Robert Lindsay added this part:]

Apparently they can breed with humans. The stories in the US are BF males kidnapping Indian women and impregnating them. The offspring do live sometimes, but they are sometimes so wild that they can’t be controlled. They also have very long arms. [An additional comment says they tend to run away into the woods when they get big enough]

[If they interbreed with humans then obviously we are talking about a variety of Homo sapiens.
However, the evidence does include some inconsistent evidence that would seem to me to indicate more than one type. The one we can say is proven beyond any shade of a doubt is the sapiens type.]

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