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Monday, 4 February 2013

The Crypto Crew, A Real Unicorn Skull?

The Crypto Crew: Unicorn Skull Found?

Possible Unicorn Skull found in Belgium. Is it real or just a art piece?

--I have added my explanation as a comment on the end of the Crypto Crew Blog.


  1. I would love to see pictures from different angles to get a better idea if its the mold of a horses head. Though from this angle and photo resolution it looks plausible. Sample scrapings would also be awesome! Any idea how old it is supposed to be? Because the head looks rather clean, like it has been boiled, while the horn remains rather dark. The horn is rather similar to Oryx, Gemsbok or even a Saola's (A.K.A the Asian Unicorn) horns. What say you?

    1. The original poster added this statement : "My guess is that the skull in the photo is a faked art type thing, but it's fun to speculate and good for a Monday evening. It's a nice piece either way and it would be nice to hang a hat or coat on, not to mention the looks on your friends faces when they come over."


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