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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Scott Mardis On Plesiosaurs, Continued

Scott Mardis has been donating material to this blog while I have been bouncing in and out of the hospital this past month and tomorrow I'm going to be in again (Don't worry, I'm getting over the condition) I have been supportive of Scott's submissions but I hope I have made it clear all along that I do not necessarily agree with everything Scott says nor yet do I necssarily accept every piece of evidence that he endorses as positive evidence.

Two of these instances involve carcass cases: the "Cadborosaurus willsi" matter from the Northwest Coast area of the US, and the other is the Zuiyo Maru carcass hauled aboard a Japanese fishing boat in the 1970s. In both of these cases, Scott has scrupulously gathered up all of the pertinent documentation, converted it into a series of pdf files, and sent them all to me. I support neither instance as demonstrating positive evidence for Plesiosaurian survival, but I am quite willing to allow Scott to have his say.

Here are some of his plates submitted earlier, the first ones are comparing the head of the Zuiyo Maru creature to the underwater "Monster Head" photograph at Loch Ness, and to Plesiosaur heads:

 This diagram by Scott Mardis shows the Japanese carcass as stretched to the reported dimensions (centre) and then compares the carcass to the reconstruction of "Nessiteras rhombopteryx" as circulated in the popular media. I always thought that last reconstruction for the Loch Ness Monster was not a fair match for the descrptions. Here below is my adjustment of the reconstructions based on a thorough examination of the statistics, both the Longnecked reports at Loch Ness and then again from similar reports world-wide (worldwide the reports match each other with a very good degree of accuracy, once the mistakes are ruled out):

Let me know if the pdf files do not download, I can transcribe them later, but it takes me time because it is a slow and laborious process for me.

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