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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bigfoot Identity Poll

The following poll results are from Bigfoot Evidence. The original poll results table is on the left, my modification of it is on the right.

Basically I saw no reason for making the distinction between the first two possibilities and so I added them up (I also added my own vote here-total is now really 479 votes)
Also I tend to think that we have both a type of hairy man and a type of an ape (perhaps two kinds, but one is pretty obviously a standard ape) being called Bigfoot and neither one qualifies as an unknown at present. I count the Sasquatch as Gigantopithecus and that the Patterson film shows a female individual of the species: Basically I like to make a distinction between Sasquatch and Bigfoot but few others make such a distinction (Mark Hall tends in this direction) Gigantopithecus would be a survival of an Ice-Age species: and in all of the matters appertaining to Sasquatch I am essentially defering to Grover Krantz and letting Krantz have his say.


  1. Darn, I voted more closely related to nonhuman apes. I thought we would win ;). I reposted your article on traditional art of giant man-like apes in East Asia and America on my blog. Great article!

  2. You're forgetting the key concept. Bigfoot is not only one thing. Bigfoot is a non-specific name used to cover a variety of reports which do not all agree with each other. This leads to the conclusion that there is more than one species being called Bigfoot. Therefore both ideas could be right and as I read it both ideas probably ARE right.

    1. Bigfoot was originally a term referring to the giant apes which left tracks at the construction areas in California, but I do agree that it is now nonspecific as it has been used for mystery primates around the world. Thanks for correcting me.

    2. Bigfoot is especially the generic term used in North America and I am still talking specifically about Noth America. At least two and possibly three distinct species, but not all of them necessarily UNKNOWN species


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