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Monday, 25 February 2013

Another Precolumbian-Art Colombian Ape

This was posted to the wall at the Atlantis Empire Facebook group, which is recommended:!/pages/Atlantis-empire/240846125961670

It was described as: "Taironas,Pre-Columbian -  a Reptilian God !!!????"
Well no, the teeth are mammalian and the snake it is holding could well be intended as its next meal. Its way of squatting, overall appearance, drooping eyelids and bared teeth, are all exactly like a small ape: the drooping eyelids and bared teeth are a threat.

It is probably the same thing as the DeLoys Ape, Ameranthropoides,
and compare the fanges to those sported by this caged male Siamang

This male siamang is comparable to the gold monkey in question-the gold monkey's arms are not so long but the Siamang is burly enough to give a similar impression. The way the legs and feet are represented are very like the live animal. And the eyebrows and nose on the gold monkey are stylisations which do echo the siamang's features in an abstract sort of way.
The same creature would be the origin of reports of the "Male" Didis of the Guianans and parts of Brazil, which leave "Monkey tracks" said to be like the shape of a human hand. "Didis" are otherwise  Wildmen although a legend has grown up that the footprints without an Opposed toe belong to an "All-Female" species (Ivan Sanderson reported tracks of the more humanlike kind and basically dis not know what to make of them, Heuvelmans reported the more apelike Didi tracks)

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