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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Yeti Vs. Sasquatch

Thanks to Burt Smith for the heads up on this cartoon. [Posted to Facebook]
[Second item]
While I was searching the Unknown Creatures websites of the Nandi Bear artwork (curiously the site does not even have a listing for Nandi Bear any more), I did happen to find the page for the Nyalmo, the Big Yeti:

And I know you are not supposed to mess with another artist's work without permission, but I made a little fixup of his illustration:

Now it happens that Mr Benjamin did NOT do an illustration of the Big Yeti, what he did was a perfectly accurate illustration of the typical or common-garden-variety Yeti which is rather less than the height of a man on average (And compared to a chimpanzee in size and looks by educated Tibetans) The animal should be coloured in a reddish-brown shade and it is thought to be related to the Orangutan by most experts. It is probably identical to the (Smaller) Yeren, Da-Nhan, Mawas, Xing-Xing, Mahalangur (Big Monkey), Olo-Bandar and so ond Southeast Asia, and a survival of the fossil "Mainland Pongo" (Orangutan) of the Ice Ages. more work needs to be done to determine how closely related to the orangutans it really is. Below is  R.W. Benjamin's original artwork, unaltered and unharmed, and no harm was meant by this comparison which was done to make a scientific point and not to defraud anybody:
And, once again, this illustration does not actually go with the Nyalmo, which should be more like the common Sasquatch or Gin-Sung of Ivan Sanderson.


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