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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Man v. Monster, Attack of the Brazilian Mapinguari

Man v. Monster

Attack of the Brazilian Mapinguari


Mapinguary from a Portugese-Language Website "Legends of the Amazon (Amazonias)" which also has a Sucuriju Gigante article I hope to run here soon also.
Conventionalized outline of Mapinguari. Apelike build with one eye, "Mouth on body"
Mono Rey or Mapinguari (BUT NOT ISNACHI!) by TheMorlock on Deviant art
(The Pelobo as described in Agrosy letter column of ca.1975 and the Mono Rey of Monster of the Madidi
 are both described as being gigantic, upright, tailless red howler monkeys weighing in the realm of
250-300 pounds but usually less than average human height.)
Areas of Mapinguari and Mono Rey reports, red circle on map of South America at left. The orange circle represents the Mato Grosso where Ivan Sanderson placed the Mapinguari reports but actually described something else (a "Cattle-Mutilations Monster") Mapinguari reports ARE all over Brazil but may allege larger and smaller variations locally. The reports in the red-circled area are interesting in that the "One eyed monster" and the "Big Monkey" reports seem to mean the same creature more easily. "Mono Rey" reports are more common south into the Bolivian area.
Computer-generated Mapinguari attack. It is easy enough to see an original Orangutan-shaped head as being the origin of such an impression as is shown here
Conquistadores in search of Eldorado meet the Mapinguari. Stories about the Mapinguari are indeed old enough for this
Mythical Mapinguari (Right) and Groundsloth (Left). Clearly two different things.

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