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Saturday, 29 December 2012

More on the Big Catfishes of Kentucky

The Facebook page for Lake Kentucky, Lake Barkley and the Land Between the Lakes just posted more photos of Giant Catfishes!/kentuckylake

And the biggest catfishes were suppposed  to be about 100 pounds.
There are big, but not as big as the one supposedly shown in the earlier underwater photos.
178 pound catfish caught in the ohio river.


  1. Actually, all 3 of these catfish are European Wels catfish. The top one was caught in the Po River in Italy in 2008, was 198 lbs, and was 7 ft 4" long. (
    The 2nd one was caught in Spain in 2008 by a British fisherman. At the time it was the Spanish record (may still be) at 226 lbs & 8 ft long. ( (
    The 3rd one was also caught in Spain, not the Ohio River. No length or weight info was given for it, though. (

  2. Thank you so much for the IDs! I see my Facebook friends are still a bunch of spoofers. I really should have been more suspicious myself because I thought the body conformation of #2 looked like a Wels catfish rather than any catfish that I recognised as native to the region.


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