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Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Thing in the Fur Suit (Supposedly)

There have been several claims that a man in  costume was filmed in the Patterson-Gimlin Sasquatch  footage of 1967. I have criticised the notion before and I just came across some more information on that score. I have some illustrations from Bill Munn's demonstrations on the topic and I noticed something that I don't believe has been remarked upon before.

Above, the subject in the Patterson-Gimlin film
 Here is a page of Bill Munns' study which normalises the superimposed skeleton used in the Patterson-Gimlin film analysis into a regular human figure with the skin still on it:

 And here are the blowups of the same for clarity.

Anybody get a good close look at what is meant to represent a human being wearing the costume? Here is a comparison with one of the famous serial photographs of a man walking taken by Edward Muybridge in the 1880's. The colour figure is from Study frame 4, Film Frame 352

THAT is certainly not a typical human being, it resembles some sort of vastly enlarged hairless gibbon! The head is undersized, neck too short, torso too long, arms too long, legs too short and especially the legs are too short from the knee down, in comparison to most humans, even very tall ones. Below is a comparison with Leonardo Da Vinci's famous drawing of the so-called Universal Man where the distinctions will be more apparent. My reaction was an almost immediate "WTF??"

AND while this very strange human figure was meant to demonstrate how a human being could wear the suit, it is clearly still not a good fit because the hands of the figure still do not fit into Patty's hands, the shoulders and hips do not fit into Patty's shoulders and hips, the feet stick out beyond the place where Patty's feet are, and the head does not properly fit into the hood or mask of the supposed costume.

To reiterate what I have said on the subject before, "Patty" shows every sign to be identical to the creature leaving the typical Sasquatch tracks and to Grover Krantz's Gigantopithecus, and I reprint a couple of comparisons I have shown on the subject earlier (I believe these also came via the courtesy of Doctor Don Jeff Meldrum and they are both pretty conclusive)

 This last comparison definitely shows "Patty" in the process of making the tracks that were later attributed to her on the site where the film was taken.

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