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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Surviving Steller's Sea Cow Video by Team Taser

Steller's Sea Cow Extinct or still alive? TeamTazer HD 2013

Published on Jan 1, 2013
Steller's Sea Cow was first described to science in 1741 and 27 years later it was reported as being Extinct. Scattered reports of this creature continue to trickle in, right up to 1976. Do you think there is a chance these animals still exist in some remote area of the ocean?

There are definitely more sightings in areas outside of the "Original range" (where they were living at the time of discovery) up until 2000 at least, and even a couple of "Lake Monster" reports in Geenland (in landlocked bays)-DD (Main channel)

ttp:// (Phil's channel) (Ro Sahebi's channel) (Home of the Extinct Podcast series) (Official team illustrator) (Phil Poling's channel) (Guided by Panda's work) (Guy Edward's site) (Nexus for all things Bigfoot) (Shawn's YouTube channel) (Guy Edward's channel)

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