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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Powder Horn Plesiosaur

"Engraved powder horn sea monster- the real deal. Location of origin unknown, but belonged to a Daniel Callender in 1783. Almost certainly created within the continental U.S., East of the Mississippi River. From the book "The Engraved Powder Horn" by Jim Dresslar, 1996. For prespective, Mosasaurs discovered 1770, Ichthyosaurs in 1811, Plesiosaurs in 1821 and Basilosaurus in 1832." [Scott Mardis]

[Classical age mosaic for "Jonah and the Whale"(?) above]
"This [Powder Horn engraving] is incidentally a design of Classical origin reproduced during the Cassical revival which eventually went all the wa ino Neoclassicism. The original design for this is Ancient Greek-BUT any Indian East of the Mississippi would ave recognised it instantly as a representation of The Great Horned Serpent. This is actually very good and done in a naiive style that is similar to some skrimshaw work. The "X-Ray" showing of the heart  IS an Indian element which goes back to Rock Art and the creature would ordinarily have two forefins at about the level of the heart." [Reply by Dale Drinnon to Scott's post on Facebook]

Scott Mardis subsequently added this pasteup of his own:


  1. Doesn't the alleged "neck" of the alleged monster in the mansi photo make a more tentacle-like curve than the neck of the powder horn plesiosaur and the fossil plesiosaur from Germany (both of which are shown next to the mansi photo in Scott Mardis's pasteup comparison)?

  2. In my opinion, yes. If you are asking my opinion. In this case that is not in question, we are talking about another matter submitted by Scott Mardis with illustrations made up by Scott Mardis. If you are directing your question to Scott Mardis, you should say so. This blog is devoted to reviewing both sides of the question. If you wish to make a more elaborate wording of your statement in an attempt to make a proof of your opinion. I will run it for you. Otherwise it is only an opinion.


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