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Monday, 28 January 2013

Neanderthal Skull from Florida

These are two skulls from the Crystal Springs area of Florida, age unknown but of a type prior to the historical tribes of the region. This came out of a series of newspaper articles to be posted at the Frontiers of Anthropology as soon as I can manage to arrange them: the photograph was posted in the Miami Daily News of Sunday, September 2, 1934. The cranium on the right is low and broad with a heavy brow ridge and represents a Neanderthal type: it is a male. The other skull is the more modern type, a female. Both of them may have been killed and thrown into the water as a sacrifice: the bottom of the male skull is broken open, presumably so the brain could be eaten. The Neanderthal type might well correspond to the more human kind of "Skunk Ape", which is also extremely similar to some reports from Texas.

Skunk Ape-More Human Type (AKA Florida Bigfoot)

Skunk Ape, More Apelike type (Myakka Ape, Swamp Ape)
(Statue outside of Skunk Ape Information center in Florida)


  1. Do you know if this is reliable and a true discovery?

  2. Offhand, I'd say this is a deliberate fraud and the man is holding a cast of a well known and widely comercially available Neanderthal skull. However there are differences I see also so I'll be checking on it. It is a pretty spectacular find along with the bow and so deep undersea now...but those things just should not be going together.

    1. Okay, thanks. I'm putting together an article about reports of Northwestern Wild-Men reports and I am trying to find some good examples of the Neanderthaloid skulls that have allegedly been found in the West. Loren Coleman sent me to that site, but the skull did make me skeptical also.

  3. Its the look of the skull more than anything-did they have to patch it upin such a way that is came out looking dangerously close to one of the commercial casts? if it had actually been down in an undersea cave that long you would expect it to acumulate some degree of calareous deposit all over it. But I intend to write another blog on it in the future.


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