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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Matt Moneymaker on Cheney Reservoir "Bigfoot" Photo: Greg Wood misled us

Matt Moneymaker on Cheney Reservoir "Bigfoot" Photo: Greg Wood misled us

Friday, January 18, 2013

Greg Wood has been getting a lot attention from the Bigfoot community about the "Bigfoot" photograph he published on his blog, Way Off The Trail. The photograph was taken near the Cheney Resevoir, and was confirmed by the group, Facebook Find Bigfoot to be authentic, Wood got the attention of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot who had planned to send Matt Moneymaker and his crew to investigate. Facebook Find Bigfoot wrote this about the photograph:

It appears this photo, which was reproduced on this blog as well as in many other places, turns out only to be a stump and a permanent feature at the locationion of another Bigfoot photo recently touted at Bigfoot Evidence also turning out to be a stump. A little disappointing but best to clear the field to give more attention to potentially more valuable evidence.-DD.

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