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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Follow-up on 'Bigfoot Hunting' Show

On Bigfoot Evidence:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Live Bigfoot Hunting Show Costed $75 Per Person To Attend

The live Bigfoot hunting show we posted about had some problems during the broadcast, such as audio feed back issues, but overall it was a good show. The participants paid about $75 dollars for an afternoon lecture and presentation at the Hampton Inn in Morehead.

According to paranormal researcher Chad Mori, he paid $150 for the permit from the U.S. Forest Service for the night hunt, which lasted until 2 a.m. Sunday. He said the document read "Permit to Hunt Bigfoot." [Photographing was allowed but not shooting]
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Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization  Posted this notice on their Facebook page on Sunday night

What a fabulous weekend! It was great to finally meet some of our facebook friends, fans and fellow researchers in person! Thanks to everyone who attended. As far as evidence goes, we encountered a variety of evidence: whistles, tree knocks..., whoops, grunts, howls, heavy footfalls, dodged a few rocks and had a possible visual encounter. Unfortunately the visual encounter wasn't recorded; however we might have captured some of the audio. It was such a fantastic expedition, Chad with “Ghost Hunt Weekends” is planning a two day event in the spring!

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