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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

4 Corners'Monster Lizard' Tracks

A discussion had started up whether certain "Giant Lizard" tracks could not just be made by alligators, even though they are not only found on dry land, it is usually dry dry land and often in mountainous areas. And after making some inquiries I have been given some definite statements from informants in Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona and other areas stating that the creatures have tracks that are like alligator's tracks but are bigger in that the toes are longer and can spread out moreusually have five toes instead of four as the alligator has (I still feel that some leave some of the "Three-toed" tracks also, but they would be partial tracks. However the fingers or toes of the tracks are much stouter and longer than I had indicaed before. The silhouetted tracks above are from a witness' sketch and the jagged outlines are because of the necessary enlargement to make the comparison better. This witness says that these tracks are not alligator tracks but the creature which leaves them is comparable in size to an alligator, and that such tracks as these are represented as being alligator tracks from different internet sites. They clearly are not alligator tracks because the palm or sole of the footprint is more squared off in back and broader in the midfoot where the toes come off. The alligator's webbed toes are thinner and almost spidery-looking by comparison. This is the exact opposite of what I had expected (See photo of alligator trackway at bottom of this blog)

The woman that gave me the drawing said that such tracks could be as much as a foot long (12"). the tracks of the small lizards incidentally had long streaks or tails to them but no tailmarks. These Monster Tracks nearly always show the undulating marks of a tail along with the footprints.

I found a discussion on simlar tracks from Texas on the message board reposted below:

What do you think these tracks are? Alligator? Bear?

This morning our neighbor asked us to come view some strange tracks near their horse trough. She didn't know what they were, and we are not sure either. She thinks either alligator or bear. We live near a small private lake -maybe it has alligators? I thought I would just post these pictures and get more thoughts. Thanks in advance for your time and insight!

PS I am using the 'insert image' feature both with picasaweb and photobucket; however the "Preview" does not display the pictures so I am a little skeptical that they are coming across. Hope they do though!

Picasa Web Albums - Alligator Bear 08aug09
[Album has been deleted]

happybooker 1 wrote: Re: What do you think these tracks are? Alligator? Bear?

I think it's alligator. Use 'google images' and put in 'alligator tracks' & see if they look similiar.
vettech 2112 wrote: Re: What do you think these tracks are? Alligator? Bear?
not a gator. the claws are too long & straight plus the foot is rounded, not angled. possibly a bobcat, especially in you live in west or northwest Tarrant Co.

Its also hard to gauge size by the pics. What I usually do is put a common object in the pic for reference - coins work great since pretty much everyone has a reference in their head for how big a quarter, a penny or a dime is.

exesse wrote: Re: What do you think these tracks are? Alligator? Bear?
chupacabra definitely!

kattiwac said:  Re: What do you think these tracks are? Alligator? Bear?
Those are prints of a horse coming to an abrupt stop. The horse is moving in the direction of the rounded edge. The rounded part near the bottom of the picture is the curved front of the hoof, the lines (that look like toes) were made by the jagged frog of the hoof sliding in soft mud. I see these in my horse pasture every time the trough runs over.

David wrote:  Re: What do you think these tracks are? Alligator? Bear?
I grew up in the swamps of south Louisiana. I can tell you for sure... dem ain't 'gator tracks!
This is a track of a possible "Skinwalker" as posted recently by J.C. Johnson and coming from the Four Corners region. This track has also been explained as the track of a bear or an alligator, but it does not match either. I think this might be a similar giant lizard track but one where the five toes are not so distinct e toes as long, more than half the length of the track, and the toes do have distinct claws at the ends. The overall shape could match the outline of the Monster Tracks at this blog's top
Below, some very clear alligator tracks for comparison
(two photos of less-clear "Monster" tracks were discarded as being debatable)



  1. I found tracks exactly like the ones in the first pic. Nobody can explain them. They were located in Missouri by the Meramac river. I'm intrigued and took pictures. They are abt 7 to 7 and a half inches long.

    1. could you ass me on facebook and send me the pics? i also took the strangest fott prints that no one can explain in the snow. sean leurini

    2. could you ass me on facebook sean leurini i also took the strnagest foot prints in the snow in berkley massachusetts no one can identify

  2. Missouri is one of the places where such tracks have been historically reported, back to Civil War Days. They have been attributed to "Gowers" (Gowrow) or to "Whangdoodles" (I think either term means basically Monster because they are also used to refer to Phantom Big Cat reports: in this case the faux-"Alligator" tracks are meant)

    Best Wishes, Dale D.

  3. Do the tracks appear to show quadrupedal motion or bipedal motion?

    1. Both, I would say, but the bigger ones are "Water Monsters" and usually quadrupeds


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