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Friday, 28 September 2012


From the Facebook Page:

Megumoowĕsoos are described as a bipedal humanoid about four-feet-tall and covered in reddish-brown hair is called an “albatwitch” (or apple-snitch) in Pennsylvania. The small, hairy creature might have been known to Native North American Indian tribes centuries before. In Algonquin legend, creatures called Megumoowĕsoos (MEG-um-OH-wee-SOOS) were described as “small hairy creatures who dwelt among the rocks and made such wonderful music on the flute that all who heard it were bewitched”. Legend maintained that “several megumoowesoos dwelling on the summits of high hills and mountains in the almost unexplored region around Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.”

This looks once again as if it might be the small-reddish-haired native ape said to live in the Eastern United States, often compared to an orangutan and said to be the same as the Skunk Apes of Florida. The part about playing flute musuc which bewitches humans is found also in faeriy stories from Western Europe and is not directly connected to them in reports, at best it shows a connection in the Folklore between the two areas.  I am simply running the material including the photograph as it came to me, I do not claim responsibilty for taking it or authorizing it as authentic. The originating site must take that responsibility.

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  1. A facebook friend says he has also heard of such creatures as told by the nations of the Iroquois, including the Seneca.


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