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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Kansas Bigfoot Photo

I am having technical difficulties with blog postings and that has been delaying some recent entries. Mostly my problem is that I will have text which I put in at the breginning but which disappears when the blog is published and has to be added in again when the problem is discovered and reported to me: on ocasion photos are also failing to show up after I have published the blog article. There have been recent blog entries which came out to nearly 100% text loss (virtually none of the intended text shows up in the first attempt at publication)

However I can try to get simple blog postings through and they should be less difficult to repair than longer and more involved articles.This should be easier: a photograph allegied to be of a Bigfoot taken in Kansas on February 5th of 2012, the current year.

  This one on the bottom is my blowup of the supposed Bigfoot image and I hope a better quality than the intermediary attempt made by somebody else in the middle version. This reminds me of csome of the "Caveman" descriptions for the Eastern Bigfoot.

Best Wishes, Dale D.


  1. And where in Kansas was this suppose to have been taken?

  2. Most of the details about the photo have been withheld by the owner. There is nothing more to report.


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