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Monday, 14 May 2012

The Great White North American Ape

The creature in the black and white sides of the comparisons above are all versions of an enhancement done by M.K. Davis from a trailcam video footage of what is referred to as a White Bigfoot. The footage is from an undisclosed footage but it is said to be from Texas. In which case the topmost comparison above might be the most pertinent. M.K. Davis discusses tyhe footage in the Youtube Videos, and since it is said to sometimes travel on four legs and sometimes on two legs alone (and sometimes very rapidly on two legs alone), I am classifying it with the reports of North American Apes or NAPES. there are periodic reports of "White Apes" in this category but I suspect that is more to do with the imaging systems of the nightvision equiment rather than the creatures being albinos. In the above comparisons, the "e has some important resemblances to all of the ape forms, while there is a rather important difference in comparing the head to the head shown by the female in the Patterson-Gimlin film. The shape of the head is much more like that of a gorilla.

Below are some individual frames selected from the video. I understand the greenery has been coloured in to provide contrast:

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

'Creek Walker' Adds To Bigfoot Cryptoterrestrial Argument

This is the latest upgrade to the M.K.Davis 'Creek Walker Bigfoot'...a supposed white Bigfoot captured on video. This offering is said to be presented in may be a higher pixel ratio instead. Nonetheless, the new video does show something unique.

Creek Walker Muscle Definition

Step-by-Step - Creek Walker

Unusual Walk

I have zoomed and attempted to clarify a few screen captures.
In my opinion, if this is an example of a Bigfoot then I would venture to say that this is NOT a terrestrial being. The movement and relative head to body size is much different that we have been lead to believe. In my personal experience, the being I encountered was very similar in shape to this example. Its movement were more human-like and the head to body size ratio was also similar to that of humans.

It is my belief that the genre of Bigfoot and unknown hominids are, in fact, cryptoterrestrial and not natural least in this dimension or time. These images are remarkable and add proof that the Bigfoot community needs to start thinking 'outside the box' as to the real origin of these creatures. I'd be interested in your comments...Lon

The following "White Ape" image was taken from a different Trailcam in Ohio:

A majority of reports in Texas seem to be associated with the major waterways. In fact, many of the reports in East Texas seem to be s[poken of as a parallel to the Florida "Skunk Ape"

Below is a report of one of the more apelike "Bigfoot" reports in Texas.
From the files of Bobby Hamilton

Submitted by Bobby Hamilton
Re-enacted Sketch at Bottom of Page

This report contains an added sketch drawn by Randy King in August, 2002
DATE: Late Summer, early Fall 1969

LOCATION: Garrison, Texas, Nacogdoches County

TERRAIN: Family farm, forest surrounding farm.

OBSERVED: There are several chains of events in this report. During the time of these events I was 5 years old, but have talked with my Mother, Brothers, and Sister on several occasions about the eventsthat happened, and everytime I talked to them, they were amazed at how much I seemed to remember about everything that happened back then, with me being so young.
I remember it all very well, as it is burned into my memory, and I have fought nightmares most of my life due to these events.
My Father worked out of town and was gone for months at a time, so it was my Mother, two Brothers, and Sister as well as myself, and the Dogs. The first thing that happened, was my Aunt and Cousin had cameover to visit and spend the night. My Mother had asked them to come over, due to the fact, that something had been hanging around the house, she was not sure what it was, but she was scared, and thinking it was a prowler, she wanted somebody else there, with us. My Aunt, said shewasn't scared, and came over ready to confront the prowler if he showed up.
It was a Friday night, and was around 9:45-10:00pm. when all heard a noise out in the barn. It was a sound of something rummageing around in there. Well my Mother and my Aunt lead the way, both of themcarrying their pistols that my Dad and Uncle had bought them for protection while they were away working. We followed them at a slight distance, it was my Cousin, my Sister, and middle Brother as well asmyself. My oldest Brother had spent the night with a friend that night.We were a good 50 foot behind my Mom and Aunt, and was joking around and stuff.
Just as my Mom, and Aunt got close to the entrance of the barn, and started to round the corner to go inside with their flashlights,they all of a sudden screamed and turned and out ran all of us kids backto the house, screaming at us to "Hurry, Run" the whole way back to the house.
We all were curious as to what had scared them, so we asked them what they had seen. All they would tell us, is that as they turned the corner to enter the barn, something let out one of the most "Demonic,Evil Growls" that they had ever heard in their whole life. It was enough to let them know it didn't want to be messed with. We all
laughed at them and started to go look for ourselves. But the threats of getting our hides tanned if we did, convinced us, that something musthave really been wrong out there.
Up until then, we actually thought, that they were messing with us, and trying to scare us. So we stayed back at the house.
I know for a fact, that my Mother is a strong woman, who was raised in the backwoods of Oklahoma, and is not scared of just anything, much less a sound. So it had to be something she had never heard before, as it sent fear thru her.
We all spent the night talking about "What it might have been, lurking out in the barn".
The next night we heard something in the barn again, but didn't get to check it out, since the previous nights events had left my Mother and Aunt thinking that some sort of Devil or Evil beast was out there. So Sunday, my
Mom had my middle Brother take our two German Police Dogs, and tie them up in the barn. Their chains would only let them get to about 5 foot shy of the center pathway thru the barn. They were bothtied on the same side of the barn. Which left open the middle and the other side of the barn. She was sure that if that "Thing" came back that the dogs would take care of it, or keep it out of our barn. Nobody had realized up till this point, that the Dogs ran loose on the place, andhad not messed with whatever it was so far.
Sunday Night passed without anything being heard. So Monday morning, at approximately, 8:30, I followed my Mom to the barn to check on the dogs.She went in just before me, and came running back crying. She told me "Not to go in there"! I dodged to the right and ran past her.
In the barn, laying just off the side of the middle of the barn, was my calf. It was a young Dairy calf, that was like a pet Dog to me. I could whistle and this calf would come running up to me to be petted just like a Dog would. At first, I thought that the Dogs had killed it. But after examining it,and re-thinking it over and over in my head a million times or more, since then. I am sure it could NOT have been the Dogs. Evidence to suggest that they did not do it, was their chains stopped them a good5-6 foot from where the calf lay dead. And two is that the calf had his stomach ripped open and the insides were pulled out about only 2 foot orso, facing completely away from the Dogs. If it was the Dogs, the insides would have been stretched towards them and not away from them, as well as the stomach wound the Calf sustained. Point number three is that the Dogs ran loose and had never attacked any Calves, or Cattle before. So why did they all of a sudden start then?
We had Chickens on the other side of the barn, but I can't remember if anything ever got into their pens or not.
What I think happened, is that whatever had been coming into the barn, had came back, and the Dogs had to have just cowered in the corner while it killed my Calf, and feasted on whatever it wanted from the poor animal.
I repeat, there was no barking, or crashing around in the barn that night.
Now the last thing that happened during that time. It was a good week or so later, I had gotten up to go to the bathroom late one night, and wehad the windows open to keep it cool in the house, as we didn't have any air conditioning back then. As I re-entered the room, I heard somethingscratch on the window screen. I looked up and saw in the glow of the moonlight, some sort of demonic, apelike looking face, just staring at me.It seemed to be grinning at me and it had its hand up and was like it wasbeckoning me with it's finger to come closer.
Well I freaked out totally and woke up the whole house. My middle Brother who was 12 years old at the time woke up and saw it turn to run from the window. I screamed so loud I probably woke up the whole county.
It wasn't until around 1983, and I was talking to my oldest Brother about the whole lot of things that happened back then, and about the creature in the window. He was 15 years old back at that time in 1969.He informed me, that he had seen the same thing, and it acted the same way, on 3 seperate occasions, somewhere around the same time. He said that it would motion for him to come to the window as well,and he would pull the covers over his head and just shiver until he wentback to sleep.
Our house was off the ground built on blocks, and had about 3 foot of clearance under it, so where the things head came up on the window would put it around the 7 foot tall mark maybe a little taller.
When talking to my family about this, they reminded me of some local lore that was going around back then. It was about some sort of"Wildman" that was supposed to have been seen about 5 miles down the road from our house, wandering the woods. It was supposed to be really tall, actually it was classified as "Really BIG" and covered with darkcolored hair. Several of the local people had seen this thing, and there was several tales about it, in the community as to who seen it, and whatit was doing and such.
My Brother made the suggestion that maybe that is what had terrorized our homestead back then.
I am not sure as to what it was exactly, but all the pieces seemed to fit with whatever that "Wildman" thing was and what happened to our family back then.
We moved out the following month, due to the events of the Creature and it terrorizing our home. My Mother had phoned my Father where he worked, and told him that "She wasn't going to live in a house intotal fear, of some sort of creature, wandering around there at all hours of the night"!
Description of creature: Tall and Demonic, Apelike looking face. Seemed to be grinning at me.
Other Notes: One other thing I feel may have some relevance here, is we had a Horse that we had for a couple of years. We had bought it off a good friend, whom had several Horses, and we used to go ride this same Horse at his house. The Horse was so gentle, and good with us kids, that my Dad bought him for us. Shortly before these events started, (or when they came to our attention anyway) and completely afterwards, the
Horse seemed to go completely crazy. It was a gentle horse, at first, but it got to acting so crazy, nobody could ride it, and catching it became a royal pain. I have often wondered if this thing had also terrorized our Horse as well, especially since it seemed to just go completely crazy around the same time. We ended up selling the Horse after we left there, as that Horse was not the same as he once was.

New Sketch Addition.
August, 2002
Randy King was kind enough to work with Bobby Hamilton
in order to better illustrate what Bobby saw at his window that
Fall night in 1969. Thanks again to Randy for some incredibly
good artwork.

"Orangutan" reported loose in Texas:

Creature sightings reported in Mission for weeks

Naxiely Lope
May 01, 2012

NEAR MISSION — An orangutan-like primate reportedly roams the streets here, but no one has been able to capture an image of it — much less the animal itself.

Several law enforcement agencies have heard reports — often rumors — of a large orange- and red-furred animal that wears a white beard, but only one has a documented case.

On April 15, the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office received a call concerning the creature from a homeowner in the 6200 block of Western Road, according to information from Sheriff Lupe Treviño. Jose Garcia spotted the animal running into an orchard in the southwestern corner of Mile 5 and Western Road shortly after 10:15 p.m., according to the report. And Garcia told authorities a family member also saw it, several days earlier near Mile 3 and Western Road, west of Mission.

Investigators who went to the scene solicited the help of John Franz, a Brooks County cowboy, to help apprehend the animal. Dispatchers clocked in Franz's arrival several hours later at 3:29 a.m. April 16. It's unclear from the report if anyone else spotted the creature or if it was caught.


Tuesday morning, Mission police became the latest to catch wind of the animal when they received a report from a student aboard a school bus. The sighting of a large primate — later described as the size of a 13-year-old boy — was reported near Stewart Road and Mile 2, said Cpl. Manuel Casas, Mission police spokesman. An officer searched the area, but did not find anything, he said.

Lupe Tijerina, who owns a home just north of the intersection in Mission, was cutting the grass outside his home Tuesday afternoon. The 77-year-old said he hadn't seen or even heard of the alleged primate roaming his part of town.

"Ah, Chihuahua. Oh my golly," Tijerina said after hearing the animal was reportedly the size of a teenage boy. "That's scary. We have a lot of grandchildren and great-grandchildren over here."

Mission police later corrected the initial information released and said the sighting had occurred near Mile 2 and La Homa Road, which placed the new sighting in Palmview's jurisdiction.

Palmview police Chief Chris Barrera said he heard of reports in Mission, but his office had not received any calls.

Norma Vargas, 42, works at the H&H Meat Market at the Palmview intersection where the alleged orangutan was spotted Tuesday morning. Though she hadn't seen the animal, she said, her 10-year-old son Alberto had mentioned a sighting about two weeks ago as they drove through a neighborhood near Mile 6 and La Homa Road and came across a group of sheriff's deputies standing outside a home. Her son asked if she knew why the officers were looking up at the trees. She said no.

"They're looking for a monkey who bit his owner," she recalled Alberto telling her, and one of his friends who lives in the neighborhood had spotted it.


Indeed, Mission investigators believe a primate-like animal has been roaming the city for a few days now.

About two weeks ago, dispatchers received calls about a spider monkey, Casas said. And while officers did not catch that animal, they believe they traced it to a man who was selling them outside of the Mission jurisdiction.

Police, however, did not have further information on the spider-monkey case.

The sheriff said his office had not received any information about a spider-monkey vendor, but said he was not surprised by the sighting.

Drug runners have been repeatedly caught with exotic animals of various sorts, Treviño said. His deputies have found small primates, boa constrictors and even tigers.

When he headed the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force in the late 1990s, he participated in a raid where two caged tigers were found in a home north of Donna, he said. They belonged to a trafficker known as "El Diablo."

"It's really common on the Mexican side," Treviño said about owning exotic animals. "They feed their informants and traitors to (tigers)."

In recent news, an allegation has been made that it is legal to hunt for Bigfoot in Texas because there is no specific law protecting it as an "Indigenous nongame animal"

And the answer comes from a discussion of the matter in a different state, Tennessee:
 Whereas Texas is, "if we haven't told you you can't kill it, you can," Tennessee is all, "if we haven't told you you can hunt it, you can't."It seems that Bigfoot would be protected by the same rules the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency has for alligators. Much like Bigfoot, some folks are certain alligators have made their way into Tennessee, even though sightings of them are still very rare. About alligators, the TWRA says:

There is evidence that alligator populations are expanding north along the Mississippi River into Tennessee. Species which expand their ranges into Tennessee (such as alligators) are protected and may not be taken until a hunting season is proclaimed.

That's pretty clear. No shooting at things until the state has had a chance to rule on whether you can hunt it.
But there's a further bummer sentence for amateur Bigfoot hunters — "The taking, killing and/or illegal possession of hawks, owls, songbirds, endangered species or any other species for which a season is not set (e.g. snakes) is prohibited." Since we have no Bigfoot season and won't have a ruling on whether there will be one until Bigfoots are proved to exist, not only can't you kill a Bigfoot legally in Tennessee, you can't capture one and try to bring it back alive (unless you're a scientist).
After restudying the Texas law, it seems that EXACTLY the same situation exists in Texan law: Unless the authorities specify you can hunt it and they make specidfic allowances as to how it can be hunted and/or taken alive, it is categorically illegal to do so or ATTEMPT to do so. Furthermore it is also illegal to incite or induce others to hunt Bigfoot when it is against the law. The Bigfoot does NOT fall into the category "Indigenous Nongame Animals," stating that this was so was presumptuous and mistaken, and because of that the entire argument falls to pieces.

In this case the individual who had stated it was OK to hunt Bigfoot had misquoted the authority he had asked, misquoted the law, AND this information had been included in the initial press releases as well. It seems nobody was paying any attention to that part.

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