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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Kansas Bigfoot Photo, Additional

More on the Kansas Bigfoot photo comes from the Bigfoot Facebook page:!/FindBigfoot

This was posted on a photo Blog Way off the Trail. It looks very interesting. Solid color, Auburn, inline gate, along a river away from the camera.

 About here is where it gets more interesting:

Comment on Bigfoot Facebook Page: There are two auburn colored objects, one either on or behind a tree. That lends some credibility to the foto

Well this one actually makes logical sense. Sasquatch live in solitary monogamous family groups, the Strategic Male would be watching. This Kansas picture makes sense. Large Black male is watching the photographer. Auburn female is retreating and there is likely another smaller Auburn in the distant tree. Note the shadow of the head cast onto the chest at 2pm. Head shape and attachment looks correct.
I would add that along with this we have been told by witnesses independantly in Florida (Skunk Ape) and in Central Asia (Almasty) cases that the younger/smaller (and possibly including female) creatures are auburn or reddish brown while the adult males (and older females?) are darker brown or blackish, which is a good confirmation of the photo and to the identity of the creatures in it as far as I am concerned.            Best Wishes, Dale D.

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