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Friday, 13 April 2012

Tyler's 'Chupacabra' Scan

Tyler Stone sent me this scan he did of an illustration of a book showing a Chupacabras. He said he thought it was a fair depiction of the large unknown iguana lizard, with some exaggerations. I added a few of my own comments and decided to run it that way. The original scan was unreadable in places and I had to replace some text anyway.

Just to mention the situation again,There are a few reports of the large lizards out in the American West which say they have the flaps of skin behind the head like an Australian Frilled lizard. There might actually be such lizards running loose that people are reporting. Conversely, other reports make out the flaps to be oriented vertically above and below the head, much as in some other kinds of Iguanid lizards.
Best Wishes, Dale D.


  1. Just in case it causes confusion with readers, no, this is not my illustration. I sure wish I was that good.

  2. It is my hypothesis that the creatures described as"mini theropods" reported from the United States have a slightly more endothermic metabolism than most other extant reptiles. However, I do agree that they are probably large, bipedal iguanian lizards, though.

  3. I think basically you are moving with too great of a certainty into an area of uncertainly. I would prefer not to commit myself on such ambiguous evidence. Its fine for you if you want to say so: I think that we don't have enough facts in yet to make the determination.

  4. Well, it's just that many of the sightings describe them as being very active in pretty chilly weather. Also, the reason why I think they are completely bipedal, rather than just running away on their hind legs, is because those same sightings also describe the forelimbs as being significantly shorter than the hind limbs. Those witnesses often describe the animals' forelimbs as 'arms', too.


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