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Monday 9 April 2012

Ontario Tree Apes

New Video Footage On YouTube Claims Bigfoot in Trees in Ontario:

In this case, the best match for what people are reporting and recording on videotape is with the old-time lumberjack's "Fearsome Critter", the Agropelter (or Argopelter, or Arbopelter) a kind of a large monkey or ape that hides in the trees and makes its presence known by flinging down dead branches on the humans below. This is commonly written off as a complete invention, but please consider these two facts:

1) "Bigfoot" reports in the area commonly include the part about dead branches flung at witnesses,
2) This is a known behaviour of the orangutan among the known apes.

Along with this is the independant observation that the size, shape and colour of the "Bigfoot" in the video at the top of this entry exactly matches an orangutan also.
Agropelter Illustrations

"Monkey Up a Tree" in Maine   --   "Gorilla in a Tree" in Quebec

Southernmost Ontario and Quebec might seem an unlikely place for a tree-living ape to settle, but in fact the area does supply a lot of acorns and pine nuts, and this section of Canada also has a large number of fruitbearing trees such as apple trees, being the only part of Canada where raising fruit trees is a commercially important local industry.

Orangutan up a tree, best match for this series of Reports

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