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Thursday, 5 April 2012

More BC Canada Petroglyphs

Not a Petroglyph but on the site: The "Alligators" of BC might be giant salamanders such as are found in China and Japan.
Interesting view of a Thunderchick above and a more matured Thunderbird in profile below.

Thunderbird at full wing spread

"Sea Dog" or large otter-evidently the same as Steller's Sea Ape. In which case it is noteworthy that Steller reported seeing no forelimbs and this one seems not to have any hinder ones. In the living creature it evidently holds its limbs to its sides in swimming. Thithe Master-Otter travelling out at sea, and locat traditions state they live in both freshwater and saltwater.
A valuable find: this appears to be a full-face-frontal closeup portrait of a Sasquatch and below in contrast is a "Six-Fingered Warrior Giant" with a "Copper" sheet of the metal used for measuring local wealth (the shield-shaped object)

Above and below are two "Frogmen" and so even if the Thetis Lake Creature reports are made up, the tradition is genuinely present in the area. These are possibly the Freshwater Monkeys again.

 ...And what appears to be a Native Northwest Coast depiction of a mermaid.


  1. The above are interesting ideas, but I suggest that the website that the images came from have a more objective analysis of their cultural significance.

  2. You may certainly say that, but you would be missing the point. This is a blog concerned with zoology and not cultural interpretations primarily, and we are more interested in the possibility that these artworks represent independantly verifiable living creatures than we are with their cultural context.


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