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Friday, 20 April 2012

Commercial Neanderthal Reconstruction Resembles Iceman

Tyler Stone has recently been running a series of articles on the Minnesota Iceman, Neanderthals and the Eastern Bigfoot, and I came across something else which independantly unites all three once again. This is a half-skull, half-fleshed reconstruction of a Neanderthal's head  which is being offered for sale as a teaching aid through a commercial outlet (The link is provided above) here you can see the face on view of the model and then the views of either side.

The fullfaced version of the reconstruction does have some striking similarities to the "Up the nose" view of the "Minnesota Iceman" as illustrated by Bernard Heuvelmans after he and Sanderson had closely examined it. The full reconstruction is on the left and the Iceman drawing is on the right.

Florida "Skunk Ape" Mockup from The Cryptozoologist's Blog looks pretty close to the Iceman, too.
Below, full-length drawings of the "Minnesota Iceman" by Alika Lindbergh (Bernard Heuvelmans' then-wife and longtime illustrator) based on the series of his photos (Heuvelmans' photo mosaic in Center)

Versions of "Bozo the Iceman" done by Ivan Sanderson and under Bernard Heuvelmans' direction separately for separate publications.

Above, the photo mosaic of Heuvelman's photos in colour, and at right, Alika Lindbergh's reconstruction of what the "Iceman" would have looked like in life.

Two drawings of the more humanlike "Florida Skunk Ape" which resemble the "Minnesota Iceman" and the drawings of Alika Lindbergh quite closely.

Above, the issue of ARGOSY which originally published the account of the "Minnesota Iceman" with an artist's depiction of it on the cover. And below the cover of Heuvelmans' book, which is quite thorough on the matter and has never been published in English. Boris Porshnev's contribution is a complete rundown on the central-Asiatic Hominins then called "Almases" and which were thought to correspond most closely to Neanderthals at the time. (Heuvelmans gave the name "Homo pongoides" to the Iceman but readily admitted it could be assimilated into Homo (sapiens) neanderthalensis.

1 comment:

  1. I actually have a sketch from The Bigfoot Casebook which bears a striking resemblance to the Iceman. It will be added to part 3 of my Neanderthal series.


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