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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Neanderthal Reconstruction Via Tyler Stone

Tyler Stone found this reconstruction of a Neanderthal Man on Flickr, a product of the series of Hominid artwork by tmkeesey. This is marked as Unfinished but it looks fine to go as it is by me. I told Tyler that it looked like the artist had visted the "Them or Us" website.

I can see that part to be finished yet does include the hands wrapping around the pole. I consider this to be a very good representation of what Loren Coleman calls the Marked Hominid, the larger Subarctic Neanderthaler-or-Heidelburger for which we do have physical remains on record. The Marked Hominid-first identified by Mark Hall-is often said to have lighter-coloured hair or patches of lighter and darker hair giving it a piebald appearance. It would be the origin of what the press in Russia is currently calling a "Yeti" (in fact it probably does stretch its range all over the flat parts of the Tibetan plateau, especially in the center and to the South of Tibet where the altitudes are lower, but it would be called "MIGU" or "Wildman" most commonly)

This shall be interesting to see once it gets done. I'll have to remember to keep an eye out for it later.

Best Wishes, Dale D.

PS, in my earlier long article I mentioned such creatures might be wearing the whole skin of a deer with the antlered head attached as camoflage. I subsequently did come across a report of a hairy hominid "Jersey Devil" that had a deers antlers on its head and that probably confirms the theory. It probably might also account for the periodic reports of "Goatmen" or Wildmen with curled Ram horns.


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  2. Odd quote selection that. Ordinarily it would refer to a romantic attraction, you know

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    Best Wishes, Dale D.


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