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Thursday, 19 January 2012

California Monsters Featuring Lizardmen

Lizard Men - Are They Living Amoung Us? (Part 1)

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Louisville Mojo

As most of you already know, I have an incredible fascination with monsters ( that why this place is called Monster Island News?) and strange creatures of lore, mythology, cryptozoology, television and, of course, movies.

Now, today, I was planning on writing an article about one of the lesser known cryptids that have been seen all over the world, Lizard Men. My article was going to focus on the history of sightings here in California, and their possible link to the lost continents of Mu or Lemuria.

Mu and Lemuria are basically the Pacific Oceans' very own versions of Atlantis, to make a long story short.

Low and behold, I left the materials that I was going to use for that article at home this morning in my bad.

Now, you may think that this is some sort of coincidence, but while I was skimming through the news on Google this morning I came across a story about a Lizard Man written by J.S. Holland for Louisville Mojo.

That's weird. I came actress a story about Lizard Men on the very same day that I was going to write my own.

Some of you may say that this was some sort of fate, a cosmic connection, others will simply dismiss this as randomness. I, however, believe that all things happen do to plan, whether that be by God's plan, or not.

Now to get to the meat of the J.S. Holland piece. It seems that way back on October 28th, 1878, there was an article in the Courier-Journal (Louisville) about a scaly "Wild Man of the Woods" that had been captured and put on display.

When one generally hears the term, "Wild Man", images of a Sasquatch or Bigfoot normally comes to mind, this creature, however, was far different. According to the original article, this strange being was about 6-foot-tall, with large eyes, and covered with scales.

This strange lizard-like humanoid was reportedly displayed in Louisville for some time before, like the "Minnesota Ice Man"and the Bigfoot captured by railroad employees around the turn of the century in Canada, it disappeared, never to be seen again.

I should be noted that 'hoaxed' newpaper stories were very popular in the 1800s. Articles concocted to stimulate the public and boost newspaper sales. The more wild and unbelievable the better. However, according to Holland (I didn't read the article myself) the 1878 story in question was, ".. treated rather matter-of-factly despite its outlandish subject matter.."

Does that add any credence to the validity of the article.......probably not.

Regardless, this 1878 account of a "Lizard Man" is not unique, not on a worldwide scale, or even for the American south.

In June of 1988, a sixteen-year-old boy named Christopher Davis was attacked by a 7-foot-tall, scaly monster, while changing a flat tire near the Scape Ore Swamp in South Carolina.

The "Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp" (also known as the Lizard Man of Lee County) reportedly tried to attack the youth's car as he tried to escape.

In the following months after the attack other local residents reported sightings and other attacks on vehicles. Seems this "Lizard-Man" wasn't much of a car buff.

Reports of the creature, and sometimes creatures, continue to this day in the area, the latest being reported in 2005 and 2008.

Other areas of the country that seem to be home to lizard-like humanoids include Loveland, Ohio (The Loveland Frog), Thetis Lake, British Columbia, Canada (Thetis Lake Monster) and also here in my home state of California.

More on these California sightings in a follow-up article.

Is there really a race of "Creature from the Black Lagoon" esque "Gill-Men" living in obscurity in North America?

Good question?

Though, these things aren't seen with near the regularity of the Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, the reports may be worth some investigation.

Local legends of lizard-like races come from various periods of human history. There is the Cecrops, the mythical first King of Athens who was half-man-half-snake, the Dragon Kings of Chinese mythology, the Nāga in India and the Zahhak, a figure from Zoroastrian mythology, just to touch on a few.

One of the predominant theories about these creatures is that they are extraterrestrial, that is, they are aliens from another world. Indeed, there have been numerous reports of lizard-like aliens emerging from UFOs.

Many authors about UFO encounters have postulated that these guys are hear to start a colony, but if that's true, then they have either been really slow about it, or they are already living here.

More about that in my follow-up.

Food for thought, for now, I promise to write about all the California "Lizard Men" sightings as time permits.

Is there more here than meets to eye?

I know....I'm a tease...

[A subsequent bit of information on the site concluded with the information:
Lizard Men aren't just exclusive to rural South Carolina. On the opposite coast, in California, reports of humanoid reptiles have been reported for decades. In the 40s a fortune hunter claimed that a race of lizard people had built a labyrinth of tunnels filled with gold under Los Angeles. Likewise in the 50s a man almost hit a Lizard Man on a road in Riverside. On top of that Lizard Men have been reportedly seen on the slopes of Mt. Shasta.
--Now there are reports of Lizardmen living in catacombs under Los Angeles but elsewhere in Southern California there are vague reports of human-sized Lizards looking like iguanas but with the bodies that were the size of human beings (not counting the tails) AND they were said to hole up in caves. It might seem to be ridiculious to suggest such a thing, but it is also possible that some of these big lizards were living in caves in the Los Angeles area and occasionally fed into reports of Lizard Men: otherwise the descriptions tend to merge into "River Liz" and similar "Water-Monster" reports, and be about the same size with the same features. There are also some California "Chupacabras" sightings that fall into the pattern and which are much the same as the Mexican Chupas, and reported largely within the Hispanic population. I imagine there are also the usual mangy-dog sightings but I have not heard of any definite ones from California.    
[Location of Lake Elsinore, one of the locations where Iguana lizard-shaped, spinybacked Water Monsters have been reported. Such reports in Southern California and Arizona are frequently referred to as "Alligators" or "crocodiles" but also as "Spinybacks", "Godzillas" and "Godzilla Lizards". Some have turned out to be released pet alligators but a couple have even turned out to be released pet monitor lizards. Some are reported along the Colorado River but there seems to be a concentration of reports near Phoenix, Arizona]

[I have heard of several other such Chupa reports from Southern California: it is notable in the reports quoted in this article that some of the witnesses think the spine is decorated with distinct tufts of hair-not otherwise on the body-and others speak of a spiny back "Like a Dinosaur"]


Victor Valley Woman Investigates Series of Close Encounter Reports
[CNI News thanks Joyce Spivey for sending us this exclusive story of her ongoing investigation into reports of a weird creature -- some say Chupacabras -- repeatedly sighted in the high desert country east of Los Angeles. Joyce can be contacted by email at]
by Joyce Spivey
Has the Chupacabras, well known in Puerto Rico, come to the Victor Valley in the High Desert of Southern California?
I have lived in this area for nineteen years. I got interested in the paranormal about eight years ago after seeing and hearing about so many strange things in this beautiful desert.
On the night of October 8, 1996, many witnesses reported four UFOs in the northeastern sky around 8:00 PM. A newspaper pressman for our local paper took video of the mysterious lights. It made front page news in the Victorville area.
Our local paper has taken an interest because it is good for the community. A lot of movies and videos are being shot up here, becoming a cottage industry, due to the fact that this is the former home of George Air Force Base. The city of Victorville is more than happy to let the movie and video makers use this former base for a fee. Jodie Foster was here last October to shoot scenes for "CONTACT," an alien-encounter movie based on Carl Sagan's novel, due for release this summer.
On October 9, the day after the alleged UFO sighting, a local woman called the Sheriffs's Department to report her run-in with a scary animal on a dirt road while going to pick up her daughter from a friend's home. I contacted the woman later and interviewed her. Her story is humorous now, but it wasn't on the evening it happened to her.
There are a lot of dirt roads in the desert. She was on one in west Victorville at the time of the encounter. She was driving slowly because the road was like a washboard. The sun had just gone down; it was twilight. She had just turned on her car lights when she noticed something or someone standing up the road. As the lights from her car illuminated it better, it leaped into the brush beside the road. She said that the creature, before it jumped into the brush, appeared to be about four to four and a half feet tall.
Now feeling curious, she slowed down to about 7 or 8 miles per hour and rolled down her window to see if she could hear anything. She heard something coming through the brush toward her, and then silence for a moment. At that instant, she saw something crouching behind a large bush about eight feet from her. Its head was moving as if it were trying to see her better too.
She became very frightened when she saw "the glowing red eyes, just like a Christmas tree lights." She realized that her car lights were pointing straight ahead, while this creature was right beside her on the driver's side. She deduced from this that the eyes were glowing on their own, not from her car lights.
As it stood up from a crouching position behind the brush, she stepped on the gas to get away from it. She said it kept coming toward her even as she was picking up speed. It was running faster than a dog or person.
"It didn't run like any animal I'm familiar with," she said. "It was upright, like a person. I was trying to roll up the window and step on the gas. At the same time, I was shaking, and it was getting closer."
Describing the creature, she said "it was a medium gray in color but had darker spots on the chest, which was broad. It had glowing red eyes. The shoulders were rounded. It had slender arms with what looked like claws. I couldn't see the legs or feet, but it was upright and moving fast. It had tufts of hair on different parts of the body.
"I didn't really take time to see it real well, because I was so frightened," she said.
Next I interviewed a family in an area called Pinion Hills in the Victor Valley, at the base of Wrightwood, a skiing resort. The family lives in a sparsely populated area at 4,300 feet elevation. The creature has been hanging around, and still is at this date [mid March, 1997]. They have seen it several times, but never as close as the night in October, 1996.
The children saw it first, then the husband and wife . The children, a boy age 11 and his sister, 13, were in the bedroom playing a board game. Mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner, while dad was in the living room, reading and watching the news on TV. The children stood up from playing and saw something standing outside the window with glowing red eyes, like lights. It just stood there staring at them through the window, about ten feet away from the house.They both got a good look, because they were curious. It seemed just as curious about them.
What they remember best, before becoming frightened and yelling for mom and dad, was the eyes. They were big and glowing red.
I had them draw a picture as best they could remember. The boy saw a creature standing upright, about four or five feet tall. In the drawing he shows the creature with sharp teeth, hunched over a little. The head seems to sit on the shoulders, without much neck. It has small pointed ears, long arms and what could be claws. He said it looked gray with small tufts of hair on different parts of the body, but not all over it.
"It looks meaner in person," he told me.
I talked to his 13 year old sister next. Her story is basically the same. The kids seem to focus on the eyes and the fact that they glowed red and were big, but not round.
I talked to the parents about that night. They were running toward the bedroom as the children ran out of the bedroom yelling, "It's a monster outside!" The parents ran outside and just got a glimpse of something moving very fast, then gone.
The parents did find odd footprints of something that was on two feet. Estimating from the depth of the prints, they figured it must have weighed forty to fifty pounds.
The creature is still seen at times around their two and a half acre homesite. I have asked someone to stay up there several times with a video camera, he is planning to make more trips in the coming weeks. I have told the parents to get plaster of Paris for footprints.
The parents seem to think the creature shows intelligence.
I have talked to several other people who have seen it, but who don't want anyone to think they are crazy and don't want their names in the paper.
A group of school children have seen something unusual in the same area as that of the first woman I interviewed. They have seen it more than once. They say it runs upright, very fast, and jumps a long way.
A student at our Junior College has seen it several times along the banks of the Mojave River in an area called Ore Grande. She said it frightened her because it wasn't like anything she had ever seen, especially the eyes. She got frightened while talking about it. "I haven't said anything because I don't want people to think I'm nuts," she said. "I know what I saw."
Several of the people said it has spikes or quills down its back that move.
I have one report from a young woman who got a real good look at something a little different. She was the only one who saw a tail, thicker at the body and thinner at the end. It didn't drag the ground, but looked like it was used for balance. The creature was light and dark gray, mostly dark. It had no visible ears. It was bulky, about four and a half feet tall, walked upright, and its arms and legs looked thicker than those of a human. It had gold or orangish eyes, big but not real round, and a snout with short and pointed teeth.
Her drawing looks like this creature has something like a chicken's comb that goes from the top of the head to the end of the tail. "Kind of like a dinosaur," she said.
This young woman said she didn't know why, but she felt sorry for it. The creature made no move to harm her.
In an area called Deep Creek, a wooded canyon at the base of the Big Bear mountain range, I heard two reports of a creature that sounds similar to what most of the other witnesses have seen. But in this case, the creature seems able to fly short distances with leather-like wings that cannot be seen unless it is soaring, like a flying squirrel.[or else they are bats-DD] 
The mystery continues. I keep getting more reports. I believe these people saw something. But what? Your guess is as good as mine at this point. Something very strange is going on in the Victor Valley.
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  1. Hi Dale,

    I researched The 1878 scaly lizardman. It was not a hoax, but as various newspapers reported, a man with a bad case of ichtyosis. See my Fortean Times article where I published these research results.

    Best regards,


  2. Thanks for the info. In fact the Thetis Lake sighting was later also admitted to be a hoax, and I really don't think the Charles Wetzel encounter is in any way related. But I still think the basic category is sound: now if people would only quit lumping sightings of "Dinosauroids" and "Dinosaurs" all together!

    Best Wishes, Dale D.

  3. One of my favorite things to do after I read about a sighting is to go to Google maps and look at the place using the satelite pictures. I checked
    out the SC sighting area. Nice size swamp but lots of farmer fields around
    the area. Not sure if it is big enough to keep a population of lizard people going. May be these things are paranormal rather physical. Not sure at this time.

  4. That actually IS one of the problems arising from considering Cryptids are Paranormal: one gains the mistyaken impression that such things "Haunt" only one particular place. Nessie is supposed to be unique to Loch Ness and comparable creatures likewise unique to their own lakes, Bigfoot creatures are thought of as only occurring locally and so on.

    If these creatures are actually real and alive, absolutely nothing needs tie them into any one area outside of obvious barriers such as mountain ranges. If these things are nomadic like Bigfoot, they freely move about at will. I don't suppose any Lizardmen actually "haunt" the scrape ore swamps, I imagine they swim about upstream or downstream to wherever feeding is better, and the same goes for the Loch Ness Monster or anything else

    If ANY Cryptid is EVER encountered, it is almost invariably by accident.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.


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