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Monday, 30 January 2012

"Baby Bigfoot" Reprise

I alerted Jon Downes to this item back in 2009 and he posted it. I have just come upon new evidence and so I am reposting it:

Sunday, November 15, 2009


FROM YOU TUBE: A video taped in New York.. I don't know exactly where.. video was taken from

you may have to watch the video a few times before you can really see it, study trees in the back behind the guy singing, it looks like an ape, or a monkey swinging in the trees
Jon Downes said...
DALE DRINNON COMMENTED: Actually the important part about that "Baby Bigfoot" video WAS the fact that it was obviously an ape. That in itself could be important: the trouble with such reports from the USA, and even other places like Japan, Australia and New Zeealand is that they could be escapee captive apes.
The original site identifies the location in upstate New York and includes a satellite photo of the place. The location seems to be on the border between a more built-up and inhabited area and a wilder wooded area from the satellite photo.
Best Wishes, Dale D.

The general structure of the body, its really long arms and even its excessive thinness all add up to demonstrate it was a gibbon. The size was exaggerated at estimating it as five feet tall: it was probably only a little over half that.(subsequent analysis reduced the probable height to three feet) And the contours of its face, its nose and muzzle, and even the shape of the cranium are all like a gibbon. Incidentally, it did look a lot more like the clip art than the pencil drawing in the original 2006 video clip. Somebody had just lost a "Pet Monkey" that was really a small ape.                   
-- Best Wishes, Dale D.

PS, I put no stock in the allegation that it was helped into the tree by a "Larger adult Bigfoot" and I see no evidence that would possibly support that notion.


  1. That's why I so prefer this page to a certain other crypto blog. Here, we have reason!

  2. Seeing the 'adult bigfoot' had always been a problem for me, but in some of these clips it does look like something moving before the 'baby' is in the tree. Do you not see any prior walking movement? So this comes down to either: escaped pet gibbon, human out late at night with their pet ape, or parent/child bigfoot. Number 2 seems very unlikely ... now that I see this prior movement everyone mentioned, number 3 is looking more promising. Was there definitive (ie corroborated) proof, including pictures, of this escaped pet? If I had a pet gibbon, I'm sure I'd have had a picture of it. An escaped home-raised gibbon - how long could it survive on its own, assuming it never had to fend for itself while being raised?

  3. I had thought perhaps that we caught the "Human Agency" for the gibbon's presence red-handed in releasing the small ape. But I also think that the shape is too vague to tell and possibly we are seeing the indirect movement of a branch caused by the small ape before it moved into the field of view. In other words, the "Larger arm pulling the Baby Bigfoot up" might be do to the climbing action of the smaller creature itself, first bending down with the weight of the gibbon coming aboard, moving with the gibbon swinging over, and seeming to pull up hen the gibbon leaves and the branch is releaved of the weight.

    But that is only an alternative suggestion and I'd be just as happy to say that we caught the perp in the act. If the gibbon scales down to just under three feet tall, the perp is about human-sized by comparison.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.

  4. The fact is that it is extremely difficult to discern any detail from the film, and that means we need to be cautious. There is a Facebook page called FB Find Bigfoot. Here's the link:

    I applaud their efforts to find genuine videos of Bigfoot. HOWEVER, the impression I get from the videos is that the creator(s) is/are very fervent believers, and this leads them to pull images of out of thin air. While they make good points in some videos, most of their evidence is very week at best, and easily debunked at worst, as in this case:

    And more recently, an attempt to pick out a Bigfoot in a video featuring comedian Larry the Cable Guy:

    In summary, videos like the "Baby Bigfoot" as well as the other's I just listed are interesting, HOWEVER, their poor quality means they are best treated as a curiosity rather than evidence.

    Best regards,
    Tyler Stone

  5. Or as a friend of mine quite eloquently told me:
    "Is that a Sasquatch? It looks like a poop smear."

  6. Oh I get a few good enough views from the footage that look EXACTLY like a brachiating gibbon silhouetted right in the middle of the brighter area that shows through the tree: I am just not so sure there is more than one creature represented in the footage. As far as I can see the "Adult" could only be the effect of branches moving.

    As far as most "Blobsquatches", though, you are right, they could be just about anything. I imagine most are ordinary humans out of range and out of focus.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.

  7. I agree wholeheartedly. The problem is that very few videos said to depict Sasquatch actually depict something identifiable.


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