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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Tim Dinsdale And The Giant Anaconda Photos

[Dinsdale's Drawings from Monster Hunt]

[Sucuriju Photo No. 01]

Tim Dinsdale wrote in his book The Leviathans (US title, Monster Hunt)that he had examined two photographs that led him to believe there was indeed an enormous sort of anaconda living in the Amazon regions of South America, the Sucuriju Gigante or Cobra Grande (in either case 'giant snake'). Dinsdale said that the condition of the copies in his possession made them unfit for reproduction, so he re-drew them. I had wondered about this business for many years but more recently I received good copies of both photos over the internet from other cryptozoologists.

[Sucuriju Gigante from Fawcett-expedition book]

[More Recent Attempt to Reproduce Sucuriju Photo 01]

It turns out both photos are blatant forced-perspective shots. They are ordinary anacondas meant to look larger. In both cases this can be told because the change in focus (and clarity) between the foreground and background is wrong. The human figures stuck alongside the one snake on land are obviously not standing in any real relationship to the supposedly dead snake, and the dead snake floating belly-up in the water is obviously much closer to the viewer than to the middle of the stream.

While I still support the anecdotal evidence for more than one kind of giant anacondas these photos are unfortunately not good evidence for such enormous snakes. They are unfortunately both deliberate hoaxes.

[Sucuriju Gigante 03]

[Sucuriju Gigante 04]

[1948 Sucuriju Gigante Photo With Original Attribution]

1 comment:

  1. Será que estas tais sucuris gigantescas existiram mesmo eu já não acredito muito pra mim isso tudo é mito.
    Mas vai saber do que a natureza é capaz de nos provar não é verdade!!!!!!Com a mãe natureza não se brinca.


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