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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bow-Nessie: New Photos From Lake Windemere in the SUN

Bow-Nessie: New Photos From Lake Windemere in the SUN

This photo has just been posted in the SUN as representing the monster of Lake Windemere:
credit is given to the Westmorland Gazette, photographer Tom Pickles.

The photo does indicate an object moving at speed and leaving a wake. The body itself is rather peculiar in appearance and resembles a partially-inflated plastic sack tied off at intervals.

We shall be most interested in seeing any developments that may arise from an expert evaluation of the photo.

Lake Windemere is in northern England, roughly opposite the Isle of Man. It is nowhere near to Loch Ness. The object as shown in the photo does resemble sightings reported from Loch Ness.

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