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Monday, 28 February 2011

North American Neanderthals?

Modern Human (left) and Neanderthal (right) skulls for reference.

Burlington County Skull

Riverview Cemetary Skull

In earlier times several skulls dug up in North America were touted as resembling European Neanderthals. There are a couple from the Great Plains area, some the Midwest and then again a couple in New Jersey. Brian Switek (Laelaps) has a blog posted about the New Jersey skulls and here is the link to it:

And the skulls are most peculiar in being very broad and low: they do seem to have a general Neanderthal sort of appearance when viewed from the face-forward. There are stray skulls of this type reported periodically from as far away as Southern Brazil and Argentina.
Brian gives his source as Hrdlicka's Skeletal Remains Suggesting or Attributed to Early Man in North America.

Best Wishes, Dale D.

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