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Thursday, 24 February 2011

More On Giant Anacondas

I also found this photo on a Spanish-Language site. It was meant to illustrate the giant anaconda, Sucuriju Gigante. The crocodylian with it is evidently a land-caiman and while I have heard rumours of land-caimans, the reports were never definite enough to tell if a caiman or perhaps a large lizard was actually meant.
There are at least two distinct forms of giant anacondas or Sucuriju Gigantes according to the reports; one is truly huge and proportioned regularly but at least twice the length (Percival Fawcett's example being well over 60 feet long, estimated). But then again, there is a second type, which I provisionally call "Eunectes robustus," which is gigantic through girth and not length. It is said to be about as long as a big anaconda, but much darker in colour and about twice as thick (six feet through is even alleged). THAT would be the one shown here. It is also commonly called the black boa.


  1. Just for those interested what's the real background of this illustration: it's a cropped image of an artist’s perception showing Titanoboa in its natural setting 60 million years ago. Please visit this UF-News site for reference and further information (also for an uncropped image):



  2. Thank you Markus! Good of you to post.

    Actually, the image has been modified from the original reconstruction of Titanoboa. It is much thicker. And the reason why I chose it to represent The Black Boa was of course because it is black. The Spanish-Language site has named its photo "Mythological Creature, the Giant Anaconda"-which is the name you shall see if you desire to download this version of it.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.


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