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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Possible Roman Satyr's (Neanderthal) Skull

La Ferrassie Neanderthal Skull at Left.

This is another one of those peculiar things that comes to you when you are not looking for it. I was on a photo search for fossil skulls when I came upon a site that advertised and sold roman antiques and jewellery. Among the items featured and shown from several views was this small bronze skull. It originally had an articulated lower jaw attached at the sides (the holes) but the lower jaw had been lost. I was at first struck that the skull had a sort of monkey-like look to it, but as I looked it over, the features added up more distinctively to the Neanderthal type. The brow ridges are indicated but they do not protrude, possibly it was easier not to go into more detail but also possibly they have been worn down.

And this is the replica of the La Ferrassie adult male Neanderthal skull, which is likewise for sale on the same site.


  1. Sorry, at the time of posting I had mislaid the link to the site. I shall post it when I recover the link again by retracing my steps.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.

  2. Here it is:

    The galleries are in New York City. Here is the rest of the information listed on it:

    Roman Bronze Skull
    An ancient Roman bronze skull, perhaps an amulet or memento mori, the sides perforated to accomodate an articulated mandible, now lost.

    Ca. 1st - 4th century AD.
    Length: 22 mm. [just short of 1 inch long]

    Formerly in an American private collection

    Inv#: 4490

    Guaranteed Authentic


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