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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Off-Topic: Distractions of a Saturday

It just so happens that besides the two blogs I have going, I also own or moderate about three hundred groups on Yahoo, mostly fan groups for female celebrities and then again a series of groups outlining a series of stories I would like to do featuring those women as being cast in fictional stories that I created.

Because of that I ran into a certain situation, which came to a climax today and is worth telling besides. During the routine operations of so many groups, we occasionally make an enemy or two when a member feels slighted or has to be put out of the group as a trouble-maker. This particular troublemaker decided to try a risky course of action in his scheme for revenge. Around Valentine's day, this person took on the secret identity of 'Fan of Dale Drinnon' and sent nude photos purporting to be of hereslf to both Mike and me.

Mike immediately smelled a rat because as he said, why should some woman neither of us knew start sending us nude photos? Then when the perpetrator felt we were properly set up, 'she' left word that she had decided to go back to an old boyfriend.

I saw some signs that the same person had taken a new identity on Thursday night, and by Friday felt secure enough to try and spring the trap. They found a busy group of over a thousand members and added an album of nude photos of the same woman without saying anything. Then in another group they eased into a conversation and eventually said "I'm the boyfriend" BOOM! the album was deleted as soon as we were sure we had a copy of the records, the member was deleted in a couple dozen groups under three or four alternate identities, and now Mike and I are sending in complaints to Yahoo with all the details of the sordid affair.

It seems the idea had been to give grounds for blackmail or at least publically humiliate both of us. That did not happen and the perpetrator is now in a lot of trouble.

Best Wishes, Dale D.


  1. I was told there was going to be a legal investigation which could possibly involve a charge of fraud and a definite permanent revocation of that person's internet access. And there could be further charges. but all that was out of my hands, the matter was being pursued as a fraud against yahoo and a misuse of the email services and it could go to the federal level.

  2. Extorsion is not a small matter and neither is using the internet to perpetrate a scam. If you need more details I suggest you consult a lawyer.

    Dale D.

  3. "Gabrielle" is continuing to post. I am discontinuing her posts here but she may write to me at my private email. Kindly allow me to emphasize: the crime is in the attempt to defraud and in using the internet to do so. It does not matter so much that money did not actually change hands, although if money HAD exchanged hands, it would mean a prison term.

    Nor was this only a practical joke, there were two people determined to set me up with the nude photos andd then pull the rug out from under me, thereby publically embarassing me and defaming me. In this case the desired result was to damage my reputation and my credibility.

    Gabrielle, if you choose to continue asking me questions about this matter I suggest that you contact me personally via email, there are legal considerations to the case as well and much of this information is of a sensitive matter. At any rate, this is not a proper public forum to discuss anything of this nature in depth.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.

  4. To Gabrielle: I have said, if you wish to discuss this at all, contact me directly. You have my address, Jana has my address, Claudia has my address. If you are NOT who you pretend to be, you will not know these people. At any rate we are not going to talk about it HERE. I have said there are legal ramifications and there are. If you say anything more, you are going to say it to my lawyer, n'est-ce pas?

    Besides "Gabrielle" never at any time told me NOT to show her nude photos, you have a misapprehension of the priveleged communications we actually DID have. Because of that fact alone I have every reason to take you to be a fraud and a pretender.


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