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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Followup on Magaret Munro Sketch

I made a scale comparison for the Miss Margaret Munro sighting at Loch Ness using an elephant and a human for reference. It is a given that Margaret Munro knew about elephants because she mentioned the colour was like one, and it is known that elephants were to be seen at the circus that had been in that area recently then. She said that the creature was "Bigger than the biggest animal she had ever seen", presumably meaning an elephant. the shapes are not exactly comparable but we can attempt a volume comparison.

Going by this comparison it is a sound guess that she intended to mean the head-neck was at least twelve feet long and the body dragging behind twenty-four feet long, for a total visible length of 36 feet. The whole length was not seen and the sighting being half in and half out of the water is also like Torquil MacLeod's 1960 sighting at Loch Ness.

As also noted in the former article, the head and neck here were drawn after "The Surgeon's Photo" at Loch Ness but in this case the neck seems not to have been held upright but forward at an angle, because the motion of its turning from side to side was very obvious from a long way off.

Although there can be some argument about the Zoological identity of the creature Miss Munro saw, it was most clearly NOT an ordinary seal or an otter! It is certain that she would probably not have seen such a small creature distinctly from her position and then mistaken it for such a large one even through binoculars at that distance. The scale of the creature had to be as large as she said it was for her to even get a clear view of it at that range.


  1. Interesting scale comparison! A "monster" indeed, and I sure know of some marine reptiles which achieved such sizes ;)

  2. Haven't some skeptical investigators said that sightings like this one may actually BE elephants that escaped from nearby circuses?

    1. Not seriously, that was recycling a certain theory that was originally suggested for the Mokele-mBembe. And the climate of Loch Ness would kill fugitive elephants in half notime.


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