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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Siberian Almas illustration

Posted by the Ohio Bigfoot Conference:

Siberian Almas illustration

"Here's a beautiful artistic depiction of an Alma from eastern Russia.
The eyes really stand out from a creepy perspective."

"Dan Baker said it was done by Kainan Jordan.... Thanks Dan."

To which I added my own additional notes:

Same as our Eastern Bigfoot

Dale Drinnon: In this version as well as several from North America, the male is in the process of balding. They seldom go completely bald on top (but it happens): more usually the hair thins until there is only a sparse cover. The pattern of balding is the same as in certain human ethnic groups where the males tend to go bald. The big red eyes are also exactly the same, and this old fellow looks like he has some broken teeth. I think the nose is also similar but reports mentioning the nose also tell of a variety of shapes.
17 hours ago ( 7 AM EST)
Dale Drinnon: The head tends to dome up in this sort, but it might be anywhere from flat on top to egg-shaped like this one: and the hair on top of it can also form a peak (it can also be bushy and stand out all over) 17 hours ago

Fraser N Hesse: That's an amazingly good one! Very well done!
 about an hour ago

Taylor Esteban Englert: I look for Nantiinaq in AK, very similar- Rumor is two towns had to be vacated after attacks on loggers in Portlock, and Port Chatham. The State then made it the first State Park during the 40's, to keep people away.
19 minutes ago

Dale Drinnon: Thanks for sharing that
19 minutes ago
Taylor Esteban Englert: They only live close with black bears,and cant compete with brown bears, and avoid them they say.Supposedly they still live around Diablo mt.

[-This last part concerning the bears makes sense and could have something to do with the distribution of reports-DD]

1 comment:

  1. Excellent article. It's nice to hear other researchers affirming what you have written, as well. I've got some binders from an old group which investigated Bigfoot sightings in Pennsylvania, and the egg-shaped head description is actually quite common here. There are also some reports which specify a Neanderthal-like appearance, which is quite intriguing in light of what you have written regarding "Eastern Bigfoot" reports.


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